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Contact your local La leche League, you should be able to find mums there who breastfeed, and can support you. You could also try posting in the UK area of Find Your Tribe, to see if there are any mums near where you are, who you perhaps could call and talk to in real life?

Right now, don't think about nursing for years, just take it one feed at a time. I was determined to breastfeed, but in the early days, all I could cope with was the here and now. Do your best to muddle through now, and aim for at least 6 weeks (40 days) "trial period". When you get there, 3 months may be a good next goal, then 6 months... and after that I really stopped worrying at all!

By 6 weeks it should definitely have stopped hurting (unless there's a problem with the latch). By 3 months breastfeeding should be easy (we had to supplement, and it is a pain in the neck!). By 6 months, well I felt like a pro!

Breastfeeding won't stop you from being away from your baby at times (there are a lot of mums here who work and exclusively breastfeed and pump). But I would wait until you've got breastfeeding established before leaving you're LO with someone else to bottlefeed, to prevent nipple confusion. Also, in a while your LO may not feed as often, and you may very well be able to be away for a couple of hours without needing bottles.

Also, remember there are growth spurts (roughly at 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months), when your little one may seem starving for a couple of days and eat all the time - it doesn't mean you don't have enough milk, it is just a request for more milk to be produced by your body!

Good luck!
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Just want to check in on you -- how's it going? I was so sorry to read your post: I too was fiercely horribly awfully miserably in pain in the beginning - I actually had to stop nursing on one side for a week, pumping instead, to let the poor nipple heal, and meanwhile, lucky me, I got a severe mastitis on the other side. I would kick and cry every time my son latched on... I really learned then not to judge anyone who chose not to breastfeed. I can barely stand to remember how bad it was, but now 10 months later we are doing great, and I am so proud to have come through all of that. It turns out that my son's temperment really benefits from breastfeeding and close nurturance.So, just wanting to check in and say a stranger is thinking of you and wishing you well. Keep posting if you want more support!
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PMed you!
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how are you doing, rudysmummy?
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Originally Posted by rudysmummy View Post
This is my first baby so I don't know, but I'm finding breastfeeding really hard. My nipples are sore and it hurts, and he seems to want to feed constantly? How do I know if I'm making enough milk? Should I give him a bottle every now and again to make sure he has enough?

Sorry for all the questions but I don't really have anyone to ask irl!!
agreed re: the others who've said to avoid the bottle b/c of bottle/nipple confusion.
if you feed on demand he is AOK.
my baby is feeding every 1-4 hours - often every hour.

she is only 12 days old but i had a similar experience: it was very painful - excruciating - at first.

i pumped for a day to take a break and let my nipples heal.

to avoid the bottle we fed her thru a syringe & thin tube attached to a pinky we let her suck on. pain in butt.

then w/a LC, i discovered medela nipple shields & medela breast shells.

the nipple shield protected & let me breastfeed when they were sore.

the breast shells protect the sore nipples from rubbing on bedsheets, clothes, etc., catch leaks, let air in. i wear them in btw. feedings for protection, either in a bralette or taped to my body w/medical/athletic tape.

btw. these 2 products, i've been able to heal the nipples so i'm now mostly breastfeeding w/o the shields.

maybe they can help you too.
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