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Would you have picked it up?

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So... It's just now getting cold and windy around here, and poeple are putting up christmas directions.

While I was driving away from my house this morning I saw a stack of 3 bales of straw right next to the trash bin in the next alley over. They were arranged in a kind of line and had leaves all over them. Trash pick up is on Monday morning. Would you have picked them up?
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: for free things...especially useful things!
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You betcha!
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ok... I'm thinking if they are still there tonight late at night I'll pick up the rest.

Would ya'll talk to the home owners at all.
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I'd probably go knock on the door and ask to make sure. I've knocked on doors and asked folks in my neighborhood about their apple trees and pear trees, caught one guy as he was raking up pine needles and got a few garbage bags of those to use as mulch on my blueberries, etc. I know stealing food from someone's fruit tree or whatever in their yard is a felony in some states, and I'd rather err on the side of caution, you know?
The worst they're going to do is say no, and then you're in the same spot you were before.
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So I knocked on the door, and asked them if I could take them, and they said yes!

So now I have 3 bales of hay. The only place that I could find hay from around here charges 7 dollars for a square bale, so I feel like I just made about 21 bucks!

I'll put half a bale on my lasagna garden tomorrow, and I'll save the rest for next year. Score! I"m so happy about this-- it made my week!
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I'm happy for you and your hay find. Those sorts of things always make my week.

I've totally knocked on my neighbors' doors and asked for things I've seen on their trash piles that I could use. I know there are a couple who think I'm a loon, but I've saved a lot of money on perfectly good things that were being tossed.
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great score!
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That's so awesome!
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Great find!
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good for you. as FYI, in case you have menards around you, they cut their price on bales of hay to $1.50 right after halloween. i got 6 bales and am saving them for spring. i use them to make pathways through my garden squares.
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wow! Ellie's Momma-- what a great find. We don't have Menards here, but I will call around next year after halloween. It's a grocery store, right?

Now that I have so many extra, I've been using it more freely in the garden. I can totally see how you would need 6 bales if you had a large garden.
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Last week while on the way into work (and running a little late) I saw a bale of hay on the devil strip waiting to be garbage trucked away. I thought of this thread and cursed myself for getting out the door later. But I will learn to keep my eyes peeled! What a great find. OP!!
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Oh dear ... you know you are a compost addict when you are driving the alleys looking for your next fix.
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