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Sore Throat & Coughing Remedies

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My 3 year old son is battling a cold - runny nose, coughing, and sore throat - the standard winter cold. : I was wondering if anybody has any natural home remedies that you use to help ease the discomfort of the common cold.

Thanks! All you mamas are awesome
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For a sore throat or cough, we use hot lemon tea with honey. It's really hot lemonade with honey but dd likes to be a grown up so we give her "tea". I was also told that you can give ginger or ginseng tea to combat a cold.
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I give DD a spoonful of raw honey, also Hyland's cough tabs. Also, lots of water to thin secretions out.
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spoonful of raw honey is the best thing to soothe coughing. at night i give them chamomile tea with honey - helps them sleep and soothes their coughing, plus if you let them sit over it while it's really hot, the steam can help. and speaking of steam, hanging out in the steamy shower (or in the bathroom while you shower) can really help clear sinus congestion.

if there's a lot of chest congestion, an infusion of mullein helps clear the gunk out.

and i am able to sneak echinacea tincture into a cup of juice. i also give them Emergen-C, which they love to drink.
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