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Got snow?

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Curious if you have snow today and where you're at. I'm in central Salem and I woke up to a dusting and it's still coming down
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i'm in se pdx and it's lightly coming down. it started around 530 and left a dusting and now it's back again. the wind is what is bad.

the kids want to go out into it, but I'm being a meany and not letting them out because of the wind. :
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it started 8 am on the westside where i am at... still coming down
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Just north of Seattle, and we have about 2 inches. :
With no signs of melting, my kids are ::: about it and want to go shovel.
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NE portlandia, yep, snow! not much but it's so pretty!
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Ft Lewis (outside of Tacoma) and surprisingly we got snow!
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SW hills and we have quite a bit, probably about 3 inches on the ground and lots more still coming down.
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Skagit County, Washington about 1 hour North of Seattle we have about 3-4 inches.


: : :
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Just across the Puget Sound from Seattle and we have about 3 inches.
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I'm is W Eugene. It was coming down pretty hard around 7-7:30 but not sticking. Now the sun is shining and the wind is blowing but nothing is falling. Just very chilly! :
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East of seattle in the very outer foothills, just a trace that only stuck to vegetation. The roads are dry, which is a very good thing for us. We get stuck up on our hill if the roads are icy. It is unusual for us to NOT get more snow than the surrounding areas, though!
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There's a very light dusting here in Vancouver. It's still sprinkling down, but mostly seems to melt on contact with the ground. Looks like someone ran a sifter with a bit of powdered sugar out there.
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It's coming down hard now!
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We have about an inch in Newberg! :

It's coming down really hard right now.
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We have about 3 inches in Gladstone. It's lightly coming down off and on.
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Originally Posted by Lovely View Post
SW hills and we have quite a bit, probably about 3 inches on the ground and lots more still coming down.
We're have about the same, but we're a bit higher, so if anything, we have more! :
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It melted this morning pretty quick but started again around dusk and we've got 2-3" now.
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We're east of Bellevue/Redmond and have a nice layer of ice under 3 inches of snow or so. :
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We got at least 4 inches in my town, and now its mostly ice. DH's car sits off the side of our road (its a sloping green belt accross the street)- his driver's side tires can't get any traction, and AAA can't get a tow for us until at least tomorrow

He took my car to work today since I knew I wouldn't need it since my littlest one has the stomach flu
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