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PDX vet recommendations?

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Anyone know of a vet who is:
  • non-vax friendly
  • raw food friendly
  • affordable

I know, I'm so funny.

But... know of one?
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Sorry, I think you only get 2 out of the 3.

For the first 2, I love the Holistic Pet Vet. I don't think their prices are totally outrageous if you're not doing a whole bunch of shots and stuff.
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What's an office visit cost? $50 would be doable -- more than that, maybe not. Although a vet who didn't argue with me over vaccinations for my indoor cat (when I lost my last one to vaccines!) might be worth a lot...
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$60 for an office visit, but I think that's after the initial visit. Call them and ask.

503 293 6666
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Dr Angie Cassaza at North Portland Vet Hospital is the kindest vet I have ever been to. I imagine she is favorable to holistic care as she does accupuncture for dogs with arthritis.

She has been respectful of our choices even when she did not agree with our plan. She calls just to check on our dog (dog is sick ). Their prices seem right in the middle - exam is $48.

Their tele is 503 285 0462. Good luck!
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We use Hawthorn Vet Clinic and they are all holistic and acupuncturists too. But not so affordable. The did do titters with us on our dog so that we selected only a few basic vaccines, did one round and we were good to go. That being said, when Ella SWALLOWED an acupuncture needle, I don't think they were very sympathetic and still charged us for the damn visit even though we were rushing her to Dove Lewis for xrays and potential emergency surgery.
So, I don't really recommend them anymore even though i feel sad about it b/ we always liked her doctor so much (who was not actually even there for the needle incident). Long story. sorry!
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There's a holistic pet clinic on 99w in Tigard/SW pdx area. Never been there though so I can't tell you anything else.

I have also received two recommendations for Donna Starita. She's a holistic vet and a "pet psychic". I tend to think that is hogwash, but I was really surprised two people who don't know each other told me she is awesome. I think she might be far away though. Oregon City or something?
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I also would not rec. Hawthorne Vet Clinic--there were pretty irresponsive to my calls about our obviously sick (now deceased) beloved dog.
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