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Eastside AP Thursday Playgroup

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The EAP (east of Seattle that is) Thursday Playgroup is hosting a holiday baking day this Thursday 1-3. Please bring the ingredients for your favorite holiday treat for the children to make together. I will provide other snacks as well. The children will help mix ingredients, prepare to bake, decorate and then go home with a plate of treats to share with family. (Please bring a plate, but you do not need to bring anything else to participate. No artificial ingredients appreciated.) Please RSVP and list any food allergies.

If you're interested, details can be found here:
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I am canceling this because of the expected snow on Wednesday and Thursday, considering also that I live on a hill that gets very icy and becomes undriveable.

If you might be interested in future eastside playdates, information will be posted in the EAP yahoo group.
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