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Yay to mild contractions!

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Who would have thought they would cheer to themselves in bed in the morning to be woken up to nice mild contractions, now 3 hours later a lil bit of bloody mucus, and a nice healthy bowel movement. I'm 40 weeks and 5 days today, here's to hoping we're home tomorrow with a new baby! BTW I ended up testing GBS + at 35 weeks, and I'm curious if anyone knows any of Alberta canada's protocol on as to how long they will hold us there or the baby if I do get to the hospital for the abx before 4 hours of delivery?
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to a DDay buddy bringing home a baby!!

I'd send you good labor vibes, but if I get any I'm keeping them to myself. haha.
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Good luck, mama! :

I don't know about CA policy but wish you the best with it all. Much love and light to you :
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Good Luck!!! :
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