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Hi, mamas:

We moved to far north Dallas in September with the kiddos and I just learned I'm pregnant again. After two c-sections, I'm expecting another (I'm ok with that, so be cool). I do need recommendations for a good OB - someone with a great bedside manner, knowledgeable, relaxed, etc. Any suggestions?
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Congratulations on your move and your pregnancy! Depending on the reason for your c-section, you may find a midwife who will accept you for a VBAC. If that's something that interests you, I wouldn't rule it out before you do some digging and calling around.

That said, I think the best way to find doctors is to ask on some of the local AP/natural lists. Many times, you can get more details and personal feedback in a list and email situation than you can on a discussion forum. Here's a link to many of the AP/natural lists in the area.

Best of luck with your pregnancy and birth!
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This is who I go to:


Dr. Crockett was my doctor but has since retired. She is being replaced by Dr. Shimer (sp?). I've heard she is excellent, but haven't seen her yet. Dr. Crockett was great! She was all on board with my plans for a natural childbirth. I ended up having a preemie, however, and one of her OB's in her group was on call and delivered by baby. She was great, too (Dr. Perigini). Highly recommend them.
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You are looking for a good surgeon correct? Not an OB who does VBA2C? I could give you names for either, but I wanted to doulble check.

Actually, given that you are looking for actual names I will PM you some if you would like to hear who I have had good experiences with. I worked with a mom last week who ended up really needing a c-section (and trust me, I don't say that often!) and I loved the OB who did it. He is a great OB for natural birth and I was pleased to see he is just as great in action in the OR.

The general piece of advice I would pass along is go to Baylor Dallas, or at minimum one of the other hospitals that don't take the baby away. At Baylor D, you will be given your baby while on the operating table and he will never be taken away unless he needs the NICU. This is not the case at many area hospitals.
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