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Pregnant Mama Roll Call!

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This is a shout out to all of our pregnant mamas of multiples! Who is here these days? I haven't seen a pregnant mama check in thread in a while and am wondering how everybody is doing, how far along you are, and your birthing plans.

I hope you are all eating protein, drinking water, and enjoying your pregnancy as much as possible! :
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I think I haven't posted an update in a while as I have found so many answers to my questions just by searching previous posts. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found MDC!

So, here I am...34 weeks + 4 days and going strong! Okay, I am pretty tired, and spend most of the day on the couch, but otherwise am well. Our di-di baby girls appear to be growing well, but just haven't found their sense of direction. Baby A has been breech for about a month and Baby B was vertex though I have a feeling she is now transverse (for a while they were both transverse). Unfortunately midwives in Ontario (Canada) cannot attend home births (or at least according to their regulatory College), so we did transfer our care to an experienced OB. If Baby A continues to be breech we are bound for the dreaded c-section (breech birth of baby A not even an option here)...here's hoping these girls stop and ask for directions on their way out!

We are also having the "not letting you go past 38 weeks" debate and the "we really want you to have an epidural debate"...sigh...it does take a lot of energy to do things the way you want them. I do actually like this OB, and he has 35+ years of experience, which means he has kind of been-there-done-that. We will wait and see and continue to advocate for as little intervention as possible.

Other than that, it's definitely getting more difficult to eat all that food, though I can't get over how thirsty I am so I do drink an enormous amount of water every day. I still have only gained 30 lbs...I suffer from morning sickness with all of my pregnancies for 9 FULL months, so this is no surprise, but I did expect to gain more this time around. Here is a link to some maternity photos I had done last week... http://simplephoto.typepad.com/a_sim...ernity_photos/ (I'm the first set of photos in the red sweater).

Oh, and I forgot the KILLER heartburn!!! (okay, so maybe I do have a complaint or two )

Looking forward to sharing this exciting time with all of you.

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i'm having the killer heartburn too! i'm about 27 weeks now. two boys. i'm feeling great but having a hard time getting around (or sitting....or lying down....).

both boys have been transverse the whole time but i have crazy cervix bumping pains today so i think someone's feet or head is down there for a change. they still got a little wiggle room.

i have a great ob. we're planning a hospital birth. i'm supposed to be delivering in an operating room, but i can be in whatever position works for me and they aren't asking me to have anything but a heplock. we'll see how that all plays out. i'm trying to be open to whatever happens.....
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Hi ladies! It's really great to hear that you are both doing well. Oh, the heartburn - the good thing is, it does disappear as soon as you deliver!

SuzyQ, I love the photos! Thank you for sharing! It's so much fun to see big twin baby bellies.

Aja, your OB does sound like a good catch.

I'll be sending "turn, baby, turn" vibes to both of you! :
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I've been a member of MDC for awhile, but I haven't spent much time on here recently...well, until I became pregnant and extremely sick. Anyway...

I'm 12 weeks now and I guess I'm really lucky to have found out about the twins at 10w4d during a dating u/s. They both look great and are in their own little sacs.

These little ones will be welcomed by 3 older brothers - can you guess we are routing for girls?!

I've learned so much already from the posts and I look forward to getting to know you all in this special journey to becoming twin mommies!

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I'm a gestational surrogate almost 10 weeks preggo with twins! I lurk on this board a lot trying to gather info from you all

I am a homebirther but can't have these beastie-babies at home (midwives can't attend twins at home in my state) so I am VERY nervously searching for my first OB. (I will meet my first try at the end of the month...the practice sounds "crunchy" ) And I will see my midwife along side the OB and she will be my "doula"...

They're dizygotic, we know this cause they are in separate sacs in seperate locations and were transferred (IVF) on day 5...

Looking forward to months of learning from you all...
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I'm here too. I've got a sonogram tomorrow, just a basic growth scan. I'm 23.4 weeks now, and I can't even believe it! It's going so quickly! I quit work in two weeks though, which makes me really, really sad. I'm a nanny for two two-year old boys and I'm just so attached to them. Their mom and I are both in denial that I'm actually going to leave.

Here's a picture of me at 21 weeks over Thanksgiving. I've grown a LOT in the last two weeks though, since my ab muscles have started to separate.
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i'm here, too... 26 weeks with two boys. i'm 99.9% sure they're fraternal. they're looking great so far, thank goodness!

i feel totally great, aside from being on bed rest for cervical issues (i should be able to be up and around the house at least at 28 wks if everything stays stable, woohoo!). honestly no major complaints so far, aside from the completely cosmetic concern about the current state of my thighs... but i'm hoping that it's due to the bed rest, and that once i can be moving around like a normal person they'll mellow out.

like aja-belly, i'm planning on a hospital birth w/delivery in the OR too. in the area where i live there is no other option unfortunately. i'm just hoping that baby A flips to vertex so that i can go for a vaginal birth. i'll do everything that i can to achieve it, but won't feel horrible if i can't. whatever it takes to get my two guys out safe+sound... they'll be my first and i am just so over the moon to be a mama.......
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Hi there. I'm here at 24.5 weeks with momo twins. They are boys and doing great. Last appointment they were weighing it at over 1.5 lbs each..YAY!

For those who aren't aware, momo twins require very intense monitoring. I just started home monitoring which consist of NST every 3-4 hours.

I'm doing great. Since this is #2 and #3, I think we maybe done, but pregnancy sure does agree with me. My only complaint...I'm tall so alot of my maternity clothes are already not long enough. I didn't have this problem to late in my pregnancy with my oldest, but between how I am carrying and that there are 2, I think it is just a fact of life.

Again, because they are momo, I am planning and have come to grips with the fact that I will have a c-section. Both boys are head down (sigh) and I keep doing pelvic opening and kegals more out of habit than anything else. Oh yeah, that and it feels good.

It's good to see other pregnant multiple moms on here.
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Great idea, kjoy! I love hearing how all the soon to be mamas are doing. I know there is something for the heartburn, is it magnesium, or the cal/mag blend???? I remember getting a little and my MW telling me something to take, but all my preggo supplements are a blur now! I really think it helped b/c I am only 5'3" and gained 80 lbs, so it seems I should have had some.... maybe it was acupuncture that helped... I'm sure someone with some brain function left will jump in here....
Anyways, I'm glad you are all doing well and I'll be looking forward to up-to-the-minute updates from you all!:
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aww, it's soo nice to hear from you all

beautiful bellies :

i feel all tearful like a grandma now
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Originally Posted by shukr View Post

i feel all tearful like a grandma now
I know! My twins will be SIX YEARS OLD next month! Where did that time go?!?!?!?
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Well I'm here too! 27W4D with boys!

Physically I'm doing fantastic. Mentally, I guess I'm having more issues than I've been able to recognize. I "know" I'm happy and I'm lucky and everything is great. But these hormones make me feel so sad. It is very odd for me because I'm normally a very glass-half-full, happy sort of girl!

My husband is so sweet last night he got me to realize it isn't "me" it is the hormones. I was getting so down on myself about my poor negative attitude. I just feel so irrational right now.

The boys are doing great. Measuring large and perfect. Both were breech a week ago, but I think my right side baby (presenting B) has flipped to vertex or transverse. "Lefty" feels the same and continues to kick my cervix in the evenings!

We are trying to plan a home birth but still looking for a midwife. We do have a good hospital back up plan.
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Hello all-- I'm 18 weeks pregnant with twins. Doing well, though growing by leaps and bounds suddenly. I'm in that in between phase right now, though-- some symptoms have let up (though I did puke on Monday-- fun!) but not yet feeling the babies, and don't yet know sexes (have anatomy scan January 5th, eek!) I'm doing a hospital birth-- and the hospital I'm at has pretty good birthing rooms, with tubs, rooming in, fairly progressive stances toward natural birth, etc. (as it's in Berkeley)-- but with twins I think I'll be shunted to the OR. Sigh!
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Hi All: I guess it is time to say that I am here too. I am still very early, 7 weeks, but they confirmed twins at 5 weeks. We are in total shock and still trying to deal with the news. I am having a hard time giving up my dream of another natural birth like the one I had with my DS so I am busy interviewing midwives to see who will be willing to deliver twins and what is involved. I have hundreds of questions and worries, but all will be addressed in good time I suppose.

On the positive side, aside from feeling a little foggy-headed (just like with my DS) I feel fine, no m/s or anything else. And I am really glad to have found such a supportive group of women here is this forum!
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I'm here!

I'm 20wks a some days. We just found out Friday for sure that it's twins! ACK!

Though with all the movement I've been feeling since 16 weeks I had a hunch.

I'm starting to feel very tired and big already. If I carry around the 30lb 16 month old too long I feel like my vagina is going to pop out. This is making DH very tired. But I think he's stressed anyway since he's the SAHD and is looking at 3 in a few months!!

Everyone is very excited for us ... we are still in shock ... I'm hoping for a natural hospital birth ... FL doesn't allow midwives to deliver twins ... I'll meet the OB on Friday but she is highly recommended by the midwife, it's even her OB...
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I had a GREAT appointment today.

I've got two big babies measuring 9 days ahead. I'm 23.4 weeks and the babies are measuring 24.6 weeks. I got told I have a "remarkable" cervix and everything looks great! And both babies are head down, though I know that can change pretty easily for a while yet.

My only big complaint lately is that I'm TIRED. I'm exhausted every moment of every day and I can't sleep at night, which makes it so much worse. I'm off of work in two weeks though, so maybe I can get some good rest and not feel so tired all the time.
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Yay for all the pregnant mommies!
Please share belly photos throughout your pregnancies if you aren't too camera shy :
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Hi everyone,

I'm in my 14th weeks now and I'm basically EXHAUSTED and SICK every single day! My hubby and I are thrilled that we're expecting twins but we had no idea how motionless I could be with these angels. My hubby is wonderful, he goes to work from 6am to 3pm then comes home to be Mr. Mom, helps my daughter with her homework, then cook dinner, load dishes into dishwasher, clean, and while multitasking with those daily stuff, he takes care of me! He also is very patient with me complaining for being able to do little things around the house without the need to run to bathroom to vomit or the false-alarm vomit!

My pregnancy isn't fun this time around but its gonna be all worth it when these babies pops out.

And also, we would like to know our sex hopefully by February. I would love at least a boy and a girl OR two boys but I am definitely not getting pregnant again, if my hubby want more children..hes going to be pregnant the next round!
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Hang in there mamas!!! For most people, the second trimester gets better
My first trimester was spent parked on the couch reading the Harry Potter series (for the first time!). I had NO energy, but I got a lot more in the second trimester. Everyone is different, but I would get as much "done" in the second trimester as you can (while taking it easy). If you think you're big now....... And yes, please, let's have some more BELLY SHOTS!!!! You mamas who have posted yours are Beautiful!!! I especially loved seeing Suzy Q's, then scrolling down to the singleton pregnancy to see what a difference! I will NEVER think a full-term singleton mama has a big belly ever again!
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