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Pubic Bone Pain?

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So I'm 39w6 days today (!!) and have generally been feeling great. Even went to a bowling party yesterday and my team won But I have felt more pressure and pain particularly on the right side of my pubic bone. My mw said at my last check that the baby was engaged with the head maybe slightly tilted to the right. So I'm thinking maybe that's the head pressing unevenly (as he settles in) so causing more pain on the right, but I'm not sure. Any other ideas? Any thoughts on anything I should do? Lunging to the left side seems to help - I'm thinking maybe that would open up my pelvic outlet a little to allow him to shift to the center more, but again I don't know. So looking for input. I think I'll cross-post in birth professionals too
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I'm guessing that giving birth would help
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Resting, heat packs and acupuncture are the only things getting me through my pelvic synthesis pain.

I actually started to think it was getting better and have been really active for the last couple of days but I've woken up this morning barely able to move.

Essentially, I think Erica is right - at this stage, giving birth is what it's going to take!
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I have the *exact* same thing going on. Since about 37 weeks. It actually takes me about three minutes to hobble the 20 steps between our bed and the washroom at night, so the midwife refered me to physio. They got me in really fast, and tried a bunch of different support things. One of them helped. It didn't so much take away the pain, but transfered it to a much more tolerable location and dulled it a bit. I'm uncomfortable wearing it though, because my baby's head is already squashed (he's very engaged, and his head is "moulded") and I figure he's making room because he needs it. But, physio is an option you could look into, if you're feeling so inclined.
At this point, aside from just plain old being excited, the pubic symphysis pain is what's making me the most antsy to get this child OUT! You're not alone.
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That happened to me big time w/ my first. It was awful and I was in a lot of pain until I delivered. Not so much w/ the second and really no pubic bone pain w/ my 3rd, 4th, and now 5th.

The only thing that helped was having that baby I know it's not what you want to hear but that's what helped me back then. I'm due tomorrow too...good luck and keep us posted! :
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