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Girl Name thoughts ..

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I thought up until now my dh and I had settled on a name for our little girl that is to arrive any day now (was due on the 12th) ... until today I feel unsettled about the name .. maybe its just because I am having a not soo good day and everything seems to be upsetting me and not sitting right, I dont know .. the joys of the end of pregnancy
So I wanted to see what you ladies thought of the names we had chosen.. or any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated as well.. I also would like to kinda wait till I meet her and see what fits ..

The name we had settled on was Malu (pronounced Ma-lou) which I really like but feel like its not sooo serious for when she is older ..
the other names we really like were ..
Valentina and Amelie (emily in french) ..
Ohhhh I just dont know .. and I guess I dont have to until I meet her, right ?:
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The naming thing is just so difficult I think! At least you have some options though, I've got NONE yet. I love Amelie, it's a really beautiful name. But it reminds me of the French film of the same name...
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i don't really have anything. i think the names you have are beautiful. ds2 was 5 days before we decided and we found a name that really suits him. a name is w/ them forever and there is no need to rush the right name will come. good luck.
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I like Amelie and you can use Malu as a nickname. (the end of amelie is pretty close to malu) Or name her Valentina Malu? Both Amelie and Valentina are so pretty its hard to suggest anything else!
What does Malu mean? Can it be a nickname for anything else? Amalia? Melinda?

I agree that its an adorable name for a child but maybe not serious enough for an adult.
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If you love the name Malu, I'm sure it will end up being the perfect name for her.

Personally I like Amelie.

I think you'll know when you meet her, what the perfect name is!
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I'm totally saying Malu and Amelie in french in my head - how are you guys pronouncing them? (well, Amelie, specifically, cause you've already specified for Malu) I think Malu could totally work for a grown up though. And, even though it's already short, there's still some flexibility if she wants to alter it a bit (Mali, Mal, Lou...).

I'm freaking out a bit about our primary girl name too (Anna), all of a sudden it doesn't seem quite right. I think it's just a bit overwhelming to be responsible for giving a child such a huge, important part of their identity. We're bound to doubt ourselves at the last minute, right? I do think that, when we meet our babes, the right names will be apparent.
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Thanks soo much for the good advice .. I am feeling better today about the name process and decided to just hold out on sharing with my friends and family until the babe arrives .....
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