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VBAC Resources in Alaska?

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Having a planned VBAC in May and wanting to prepare myself for legalities, getting in touch with the hospital and seeing what my options are but hospital is definitely for EMERGENCY ONLY!

If any of you can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it or contacting someone who would know allot more. Wanted to ask here before I ventured over to the unassisted forum just to see if you locals we're more informed of our state!

Thanks again.
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I do know that most hossy's are VBAC okay here, maybe not friendly but most do accomidate us at least. The Army hossy in Fairbanks was were I VBACed 2 of my babes with ease. At least they were nice and let me do what I wanted.

I do know that the midwives here are not allowed to attend a VBAC out of the hospital.

Some gals have sent for an out of state midwife.

Good Luck!
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I do not know much about VBAC's yet...but I am learning! I live in Ketchikan and it looks like we are going to fly to Anchorage for our VBAC. I am looking forward to reading the replies on your post! Good luck!
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So are you trying to figure out if you, personally are at risk legally for HBAC?

From what I understand, you personally can go unassisted or with a midwife with no legal repurcussions. An Alaska CPM would be disciplined and possibly lose her liscense. An out of state CPM....I'm not sure about her status. I know there are many of these births every year with no problems.

In extreme cases you can be charged with child endangerment if something goes wrong but it is extremely rare.
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Thanks! I just pm'd you asking this question and I didn't realize you answered it!
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