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I have to be the only one

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Me and dh haven't even talked names yet!!

I am such a looser, I know....sigh.
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Don't be hard on yourself! I can't for the life of me get into boys names- must be because I was so sure- for a while. I great, and interesting book is by Roy Feinson called The Secret Universe of Names. It talks about the personality type of people with certain names based on the phonetics- it has been very good at describing people I know. You can get it on Amazon.
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We have a first name, but no middle name. Well, dh has a middle name, I just don't want it. So, I am hoping and praying I can find just the right name that he will love.
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I had finally picked out two names that I liked but found out some old friends of mine named their kids those names already. I could still use it but I totally see the other kids, instead of my baby, now. We're back to calling the baby "bun" or "junior".

Part of me is STILL secretly hoping it's a girl...only because the name for the first girl is already picked out!
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Until very recently, this kid was "the baby" or "little non-name" (the latter in an effort to shame my husband into settling on a name with me). He finally told his parents the name we had pretty much decided on, so I have started telling everyone, and started calling him by name. It was freaking me out to go this long. We had both the older kids' names very shortly after we found out their sex on 20 week ultrasound.
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Nope! Not the only one. We have NO IDEA what this little one will be named. With DD we didn't have a short list until at least my due date, and DD was born five days later

I'm sure the perfect name is out there and at some point we'll start thinking about finding it!
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Nope...none of my kids have been named until they were hours or days old...I just don't really worry about it until I meet them!
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Not a clue. We agreed on ds1 early on, ds2 wasn't named until he was 3 days old & this one is looking like it's going to be the same. We just have totally different taste in names & h keeps putting it off.
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No definite name here yet either. There's a name that dh really wants to use and I'm trying to get excited about, but I'm not quite there yet. But I don't have any better suggestions, so we may just go with his idea anyway!
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We have a short list, but no winners as of yet. We've still got time! (Don't we?)
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Add me to the list! Hubby and I haven't even started the looking yet...
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We're looking, but it's so HARD. I feel like I have to do it right. I have to know every single possible name, go over each name with a magnifying glass, and choose THE perfect name. Ugh. I really don't care for my real first name. I cost me grief on a lot of different levels, but I can live with it and love the way it sounds in the mouths of those who love me. I hope I can choose a name my child will enjoy, but if not, I hope they know that the name was chosen with loving care.
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You can add us to the we haven't even discussed it yet group.

My MIL mentions some new name to us every time we see her but DH and I haven't even really talked about it.

I think not knowing the sex of the baby has something to do with it. Hard to name a child when you have no clue what its going to be!
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In my family, we are only supposed to have the opposite gender (Brother has 3 girls, Sister has 3 boys, I have 2 boys) so my third should have been a boy. Well, we are having a girl and I haven't had to think about girl names ever! So we joke that this one may not have a name until we need to file for a birth certificate for tax purposes next year! Ha ha! No one thinks that is funny but me, oh well!

It always works out in the end! I figure, I may need to see my daughter to find her name, but it will be discovered. WE had short lists for both boys, and just knew the right one after they were born.

I do envy you all who KNOW what your babies should be named before they are born. One less thing to stress about!
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