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What could this be?

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I went to the OB today and had a pelvic exam.....zero dialation or effacement, although my cervix is soft. I am 37w2d.

Fast forward to a few minutes ago....I am sitting on the couch and feel a little burst of water coming from my vagina. I did not pee on myself. That's not what it was. There was not much fluid, but I don't think it was cervical mucus due to the way it kind of "forcefully gushed." Very uncervical mucus-like. All in all, it was probably only two tablespoons worth, but it was enough to soak through to the other side of my (very thin, with no undies) jeans. The spot is probably about two inches long by 1/2 inch wide.

What the heck could it have been? Could my waters be leaking? If so, would it be due to the exam? Could they leak without any dialation?

Help me out here....Whatcha think?
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It could certainly be a rupture. That's kind of what it felt like with my first, slow leak at 36w6d, but it didn't stop for the next 20 hours. Then, labor started. If you in fact do have a leak, it's not anything to worry about, really. Labor will start eventually! BUT, if you're nervous, I'd go get a NST at the doc tomorrow. I wouldn't allow another vag exam because now is the time when exams have the greatest potential for germs. And THAT is when the clock starts ticking on when they want you to have the baby. No exams, no worries.

and drink a LOT of water! Your fluid will replenish itself. Labor may not be imminent, and if your OB doesn't freak out, you could go on like this for a couple weeks! That may not be what you want to hear though, but it's honestly ok as long as you're doing kick counts, and keeping yourself very hydrated.

best wishes - and get some rest now!
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It could be fluid or if could have been urine "forced" out baby pushing on your bladder. This might be to TMI but fluid smells different than urine. it has a "semenish" smell, kind of bleach like and well urine smells like urine. Yes, you can have you membranes rupture w/ no dilation. But you could have also dilation since your appointment. Sometimes exams can stir things up. Good luck! Lots of rest and fluids!

oops.. sorry to crash your DDC.. I was due Dec of last year! What a nice time to have a baby... the weather is so yucky you can just hide out in the house!
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I've had this happen, and it really was just watery mucus.
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ITA that it sounds like a water leak--is there any smell? that's the best way to tell w/o litmus paper
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I had my water break w/ my 2nd babe at 37 weeks. It was a small gush and a tiny trickle for a long time after. I had low water tho and was being monitered for it tho so it wasn't too big of a surprise that it broke so early.

I would call your doc if it still hasn't stopped and you can get it tested (like the PP mentioned...it's just a paper strip you can use) if you are worried. Or it could be a small amount of urine..or watery mucous. All of the above, huh!

You have gotten great advice and just drink up jic and take it easy. Keep us posted
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