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Post Dates?

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Hey All,

My "official" EDD was today, and well, unless this kid really hustles...it's almost 10 pm here in Texas. She could still be born on her due date but it'd have to be a really *fast* labor.

I know it's not uncommon to go past the EDD, that it's just an estimate, etc., etc. But my first DD (now 3.5 y.o.) was born exactly on her due date. So this is uncharted territory for me.

I have another prenatal tomorrow morning (which the midwives have been joking that I'd never keep--ha ha...not laughing now!) What happens when you go post-dates? Is it a "standard of care" to immediately try to schedule you for a biophysical profile and a NST? I asked the midwives about going post-dates in the beginning, and they said I could wait up to 42 weeks if everything was OK. I didn't give it much thought, honestly, cause I was so sure she'd come "on time". FWIW, blood pressure, heart rate, fetal movement, everything "perfect" so far.

I just really need some reassurance!
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My EDD was yesterday, so I'm in the same boat with you. It's perfectly normal!

FTR, "postdates" and "postterm" are generally considered to be after 42 weeks, not just after 40. Right now, you are still completely within a normal range. In fact, most pregnancies last longer than exactly 40 weeks.

Hang in there! It would be after 42 weeks that more extensive monitoring and perhaps discussions about induction options would be appropriate, IMO.
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My midwife typically starts blue and black cohash (sp?) after 40 wks. If you are not ready it doesn't do anything but if you are it can jump start things. At 41.5 she schedules a non-stress test (so the test is completed by 42wks) at that point if all is well that you would just schedule another non stress test which I think is usually 5 days from the first.
I went to exactly 42 wks w/ ds 1 so we had dont the first nst and they had scheduled another for 42.5. I went a day before my edd w/ both ds2 and ds3
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I'm officially due today! (it's midnight here on the east coast and yes I am wide awake!)

I had an appt. w/ my mw today and she said that at 41 weeks we have to do a sono to make sure everything is okay (like the placenta, etc). That's fine w/ me. I would love to hit 41 weeks to fight off the gbs a bit longer anyway. We both thought for sure I would not get to 40 weeks at all...so this is a surprise to us both She did do an exam, but usually doesn't, b/c I had garlic vanish into my vagina (for the gbs) and she had to go in to help get it out and checked the cervix while there. I'm only 1-2 and still pretty long so we hopefully have a few more days, if not another week.

I did hope for babe to be born as far away from Christmas as possible..but oh well. Just hopefully she arrives before 42 weeks...I haven't even asked what happens after that as far as "standard of care" goes.

good luck to those waiting to birth! :
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I'm in the boat with you as of today! I wish I could understand baby time!
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Thanks y'all. Both of my MWs at the FSBC also have hospital privileges so I wouldn't be surprised if they suggest at least scheduling some testing already. None of us actually thought I'd still be pregnant at 40 wks since I *thought* I was in labor Thanksgiving Day (37 plus 2 or 3 days). DD's birth was hospital-setting with an OB, and they definitely offered to induce, even before I hit the 38-wk mark.

It's 3 am and I'm pretty uncomfortable but I doubt this is "it."

Lemon Juice, I did so hope for a date as far from Christmas as possible, too. But hey, we've come this far...might as well let them choose their own b-days, right? 42 weeks for me is New Year's though. Ugh...one day at a time...but come on, baby!
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I always thought I'd go way early too. DD was 8 days early and I never thought I'd have to deal with being late. I was 12 days "late" so I guess I'm getting payback. haha.

I guses it would depend on the style of care they tend to give. I have an OB, so I was expecting testing, just not at 40 weeks. I have another appointment tomorrow (the 41 weeker). At 40 weeks I was sent over to the hospital for a NST and was given a paper to record the kick counts on. I guess my word isn't good enough, now I'm doing homework. I'm not sure what happens today as far as testing, I'll let you know when I find out.

I really wish they'd give you a heads up at the appointment before. Because I wasn't aware I was going to be staying last time and so I had my husband and 2 year old with me (during nap time). Yeah, those are the ideal people to be hanging around me during a NST (I know it's more for the baby than me, but still).
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I agree, it depends on the type of care provider you have. Just remember you have the RIGHT to refuse anything!!!!!! My first three children were 42-43 weekers and when I was with an OBGYN practice they would give me a u/s right after 40 weeks to check fluid levels and all and then an NST that first week.. After 41 weeks iirc I went in twice that week for two NST's.. Then when they still didn't arrive, we talked induction. If I had to go back though since all my NST's and the u/s was fine I would have made them wait but that time I didn't know I had that power.

Anyways, just please remember if you don't feel comfortable doing something then don't. It's your body, your baby and YOUR choice!!!!
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So far my first three babes were 2 weeks post-date...and now i'm 40w5d with baby no. 4.......

Usually, your care providers will want to do a BPP/NST (biophysical profile/non-stress test) at 41 weeks or thereabouts (I'm scheduled for one tomorrow), unless something is presenting that they'd want to check you and the baby sooner.

Hang in there. The one sure thing about pregnancy is that it doesn't last forever. At some point it ends, and something will come out of us!!

Looking forward to reading all of your lovely birth stories....hope everyone is well!
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Having contractions now...guess we'll see!
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Originally Posted by mom2annika View Post
Having contractions now...guess we'll see!
Oh, good luck mama! Sending many peaceful and active labor vibes to you : Hopefully they stick and you have a babe in your arms soon! :

42 weeks for me is Dec.30th. I really doubt we'll make it there. Had cramps this morning but have had them since week 36 I still need a few more days for the test for gbs to come back so I'm in no rush Sending the test in today in one hour...I hope it's back by thursday at least.
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I'm 40 + 4...HB window in my state ends at 42, but I'm calling it early at 41 + 3....I've got issues going past that far, and frankly, being 42 w the day after Xmas doesn't sound fun so I'll go in monday to willingly induce if babe doesn't arrive. Hopefully I won't get there. Ds was 3 days before EDD, DD was 8 days past. I've got a riper cervix now than I had with DD at this point, and far riper than when I went into labor with DS.
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i'm 11 days late today. i have a midwife appt later so hoping that can get something started
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Good luck!! I'm post-dates too, and this is my first baby... "official" due date was last Friday, 12/12. We were sorta hoping he'd emerge close to his due date, but who knows? Maybe we'll have a Solstice birth!
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Well, still having contrax but they aren't regular. MWs did not say a word about additional testing....not sure whether to laugh or cry about that! She did hint that if by the end of the week nothing changed she might be willing to try AROM, but of course that carried risk since if that didn't get the party started I'd have to go to the hospital.

But there is PROGRESS so I guess we'll see. DH took me to lunch at a Mexican food place and I got several mouthfuls of super-hot pepper (habanero? jalapeno? not sure cause the seeds were mixed in sauce).

Going to rest now before DD returns from preschool.
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Not in your DDC, but my first son was born the day before his EDD, and my second 12 days after his. He was smaller than his brother, too!
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