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Ta Dah!

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Mr. Evan Michael
9lb 2oz
20 1/2 in
15 1/2 hours of labor
nursing like it's going out style

Long, Painful details tomorrow. We just got home from the HOSPITAL...yes, no BC birth for me . Long story short, he wouldn't come down. Eating now, will post more tomorrow! And pics! Lots of those lol::
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Congratulations and so glad he is nursing so well! : Sorry the birth was tough......Wishing you a quick recovery!
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Wow - that's a big baby; so glad he finally decided to come out for you; looking forward to pics; sorry it was a tough birth but glad recovery/bf is going well
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Congratulations! :
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Well done! Congratulations.
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Congratulations and enjoy the babymoon!
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Sorry he wouldn't come down, but on the brightside at least he's out! All 9lbs 2oz of him!
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Congratulations! :
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Congrats Jennifer!!!!!! I've been waiting to hear!! Enjoy your babymoon with your new little man!! :
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Congratulations!!!!!! So excited for you!!!
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Yay Jennifer!!!! congrats and welcome to the world Evan Michael. I'm sorry it was rough! He's given you a hard time this whole pregnancy eh? Maybe now that he's out he'll be super sweet to make up for it!
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Congratulations mama!!! Happy birthday little guy!!
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Yay! Congratulations Jennifer! Hope you're feeling well and enjoying your babymoon....

I love hearing about all these births...thanks for sharing, mamas!
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I just knew you were off birthing that baby boy! Congrats!!!! I'm sorry it wasn't the birth you were expecting but I just know that you will love, love, LOVE your little EVan. :::
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oh Jenn! I am so happy to see this! I know how anxious you have been!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Welcome Evan!!!! : : :

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Congradulations!!! Sorry birth was difficult, I'm sure every minute was worth it.
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Congrats, Jennifer! It's so good to hear from you and welcome to the world baby Evan! :

I'm glad you and Evan are well and nursing is going great I look forward to those pics and can't wait to see them! I wish you a speedy recovery and hope you enjoy your babymoon!
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Hooray! Congrats! I can't wait to hear the birth story, but don't wear yourself out trying to write it on our account. Take it easy and enjoy that baby!
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