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need some help...

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I have been sick with the stomach flu the past couple of days. Today is the first day where I feel sort of okay, able to stomach some toast and peanut butter. I have been trying to drink as much water as possible. I just feel so drained today, I can hardly sit up. Any ideas on what I can do to make myself feel a little better, or maybe get some energy back? Should I be worried about dehydration?
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Are you having any contractions/BH?

Try a popsicle if you can't stomach water easily. Some kind of juice would be good too (white grape juice or apple juice -- that sort of thing). Ginger ale is always helpful if you can stomach it (the real stuff with real ginger to help settle your stomach). You can drink some Gatorade but it's got some not so great stuff in it -- I'd stick with juice if possible; it will work as well -- but it's up to you and what you can handle right now.

Rest lots. Don't force yourself if you're not feeling energetic yet. Your body is busy recovering AND growing baby, so be gentle with yourself. The protein from the peanut butter should help, for sure.

So sorry you've been sick.
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Thanks for the tips! We have some apple juice so I will try that. I have been having bh's, especially yesterday but honestly they are normal for me, I have them all the time even if I am not sick. I just feel like I can't even keep my head up straight. I am going to take a shower and see if that helps at all. Thanks again!
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