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How Much Weight Have you Gained?

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I've seen a # of threads about mamas not gaining (or losing instead) weight but am curious also how many pounds some of you have gained so far. I'm about 15.5 weeks (16 weeks if you ask my CP) and am up 6 pounds. Which is cool with me, just curious. This is my second pregnancy and my uterus is moving up and out fast!

I'm rather petite to begin with though.
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I'm thin, and was lucky enough to start this pregnancy 14 lbs lighter than last time (I had some MBA weight on me when I got pregnant last time!), but I've gained about 7.5 so far, but I'm only 12.5 weeks. A little more than I might like, but I also know it's totally normal. My fear simply comes from the fact that I gained 48 lbs last time - and a ton of it water weight. I don't want to gain more than I need to, but I also think that as long as you're eating well, taking care of yourself and staying active, your body gains what it needs to, so I try to remind myself of that!
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i'm 14w1d and have actually gained 5-6 lbs. with my fourth baby. i am overweight to begin with, so i probably shouldn't have gained quite that much, but i'm not obsessing over it. i was measuring big yesterday at the mw (about 2-3 weeks ahead) and have no idea if that has anything to do with it or if instead it's just my ravenous pregnant self taking advantage of the holidays.
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Last pregnancy I lost nearly 20 in the first trimester and didn't start gaining until after week 20 or so. I was vomiting multiple times a day. This time I have the nausea, but eating makes it go away. So I've gained 3 pounds and I'm 13 weeks today. I'm 40 pounds overweight to start with, so I am really going to make an effort to slow the gain once I start feeling better and have energy to get moving and healthier food choices are more appealing.

I actually lost the baby weight very easily last time, so that's not as much my concern. I'm just heavy to start with and don't want to be any more uncomfortable at the end than I need to be.
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as of 14w, 1d i had gained 3 lbs. i am 15 weeks today. i did have rather bad nausea, and i had times where i just didn't eat as well.
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i don't get on the scale much but at my 15 wk appointment last week i had lost 3 pounds. definitely NOT on purpose, but i had stopped eating meat because it was grossing me out and was eating a ton of fruit and salads.

i am a tad overweight and my bump is growing so i'm not too worried about it. i gained 70 pounds with DS and am trying to keep it at more like 25 this time around for VBAC purposes.
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at 13 weeks i have gained 6 pounds, but i am small to begin with. i am eating every hour or so to curb nausea and throw up about 4 times a night. my midwife said a lot of the weight is fluids and that i will lose it once i start feeling better. i gained 60 pounds in my first pregnancy, which was okay, but i'm trying not to go that route again. we'll see...
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I guess so far I win... As of last week, I had gained 13 lbs! I've been averaging a lb per week. And this week it might be more, as I ate a LOT last weekend. Baby had a growth spurt, I think!

Last pregnancy, I gained 35 lbs (got to 37 weeks), so I seem to be following a similar weight gain pattern.
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I actually don't weigh myself (previous eating disorder issues) but I'm guessing 0-5lbs given that my clothes all fit the same and I am not showing at all. I am 15.5wks.

But, I am very muscular and so pretty heavy for my height (160ish at 5'6) though so I could probably gain a bit without noticing right away. So I guess maybe it could be more than that. I won't know! I'd obsess about numbers too much. Ill just keep active and eat healthy and see what happens.
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I had lost a pound at my last appointment. I have not stepped on the scale. But I am guessing 5-6 pounds by next appointment. I am over weight to begin with. I am 15 weeks today.
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I have gained between 4 and 6 pounds depending on whose scale you look at (either mine or the doctor's). I seem to average between 30 and 35 pounds with each pregnancy. The most I ever gained was about 40 with my fourth child who weighed 10 lbs and 12 oz at birth. I guess that extra weight was him : )
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I'll be 14 weeks tomorrow, and I'm up about five pounds. I've pretty much decided to give the scale a rest though. I can't stop eating and it's making me paranoid.
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I am 15w3d and I have only gained 2 lbs. Nausea was super bad this time around and is still affecting me in the evenings.
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At my 12 week appointment I had gained 3 pounds, but I think in the last 2 weeks despite not feeling well I have started gaining more!
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At 14 weeks, 4 days I'm up about 5 lbs. Most of that has been in the last 3 weeks. I'm not overly concerned about how much I gain, I just wish I'd start looking more pregnant and less fat!
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I don't like to weigh myself either, because I can obsess, but at my last M/W appointment, I had gained about 10 pounds at about 14 weeks (not too sure where I started). I tend to gain a lot at first and nothing the last trimester.
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I've lost 4lbs, but I'm overweight to begin with. I'm really eating totally healthy to keep my weight gain low, so far it's working.
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Man. I'm 16 weeks and up maybe 10 pounds. Haven't thrown up in ages but my appetite is ALL there. I'm really not too worried about it at this point, though.
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Depending on whose scale you ask, I've gained 4-6 pounds. Although I haven't weighed myself in a couple days...
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Originally Posted by organic-mama View Post
I've lost 4lbs, but I'm overweight to begin with. I'm really eating totally healthy to keep my weight gain low, so far it's working.
This is me exactly. I DO NOT want to gain 75 pounds like with my first, 45 like with my second, 40 like with my 3rd, and did better with my last at about 35. I am starting bigger than I started any of the rest of mine. So I know I can gain less and am trying to eat healthy. I cut the soda out the day I found out I was preggo(for obvious reasons) and I am sure that will do wonders. Plus, I have been SO nauseas and it is really hard for me to eat. NOTHING sounds good to me.
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