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how long did it take you to heal? ("skids" and tears)

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just wondering how long i can expect to be feeling like an open wound? i had a "skid mark" and a small tear (no stitches).

so what was everyone else's healing time, if any? im feeling better, but getting impatient. (my baby is only 5.5 days old)
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I had a skid mark and I think it healed in about 8 days. It felt better everyday of course.
I found witchhazel and water on a pad that was then placed in the freezer felt awesome!!
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I really dont want to sound like im bragging. With DS#1, they cut me, and it took forever for me to heal. I was limping and sitting on pillows for weeks. This time around, (I think because DS#2s head was ALOT smaller) I didnt tear at all. Plus the doctor I had this time was a much more go with the flow, let things happen the way God intended kind of doctor. She didnt even bat an eyelash when I said no Hep B shot. I hemoraged alot after DS#2, but didnt feel the least bit worn out. I even took a shower about an hour after he was born.The nurse said she thought it was some kind of record. I agree with the witch hazel thoery. I used it constantly after using the bathroom with DS#1, and it was a life saver. Hope yours heals soon!
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I had skid marks and quite a bad tear. The skid marks felt better after a week or two, I am still feeling achey (but not OWWWW) after 4.5 weeks with the tear. Booo!
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thanks for the perspective mamas. i guess i am expecting (or wanting to be more accurate) too much. i have been putting salt in my peri bottle and that feels better than water alone. might have to give the witch hazel a try too.
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I had a couple little places like that and by about 8 or 9 days they had stopped stinging. at 2.5 weeks, they don't feel normal, but don't particularly hurt anymore, and peeing is no longer a process!
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With DD, they cut me (medically necessary) and it took 2 weeks for the cut to heal plus over 3 weeks after that before we were able to break the scar tissue down enough for sitting, large movements, and (ahem) more fun activities to not be painful.

With DS, I tore. It was enough of a tear that it needed to be stitched. That took about a week and a half to heal, but I was up and moving fairly regularly within a week. There was very little scar tissue to break down and I was feeling pretty darn normal within 2 weeks from the birth. In comparison to the episiotomy, it was a night and day difference.

I don't know if this is something you'd be willing to try, but my midwife suggested running a capful of hydrogen peroxide down external part of the wound one or two times a day, then rinsing off with water, and letting it air dry. It seemed to help me greatly.
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I was going to ask a similar question! Last birth, I had an episiotomy and I don't remember it taking more than a couple weeks to feel a lot better. This time, I tore where my previous incision was, and it's been 3 1/2 weeks and part of the tear is still an open, bleeding wound. I feel like I'm pulling open when I go up and down steps or carry my toddler (both of which I try to do only when absolutely necessary). The midwife put sodium nitrate on it last week to help it reknit, but it hasn't yet. It's really hard to begin to resume "normal life" like this and I'm feeling down about it. (Especially because I thought tears were supposed to heal better and faster than cuts...)

Anyway, at 5 1/2 days I wouldn't worry!

Good luck all--
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Helen, are you doing postpartum herbal baths? I had a small tear and never noticed it, but I did the baths right away and for about 5-7 days. I've also used the EMAB Bottom Spray, but I think the baths were the secret. C4CB in A2 has premade herbal tea bags for sale, but I used both loose herbs and EMAB postpartum herbal baths. Christina at Footprints baby is local (Flushing) and I think she has both EMAB products.
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I had an episiotomy with dd1 and it was painful for months (over 5 months). I think the actual "healing" took a month. It was still "somewhat sore" for over a year and I lost feeling as well.

This time I had a fairly large tear but I let it heal naturally and it hasn't even been 2 weeks and I feel fantastic. I never applied anything to it, just kept it clean and tried to lay low and keep my knees together. I am just stunned at the difference.
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