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Where Did You Get Your Mason Jars?

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I've been looking for some good ones to use for making kefir. Preferably ones that look "cool" and old.

All I can find is metal canisters.. any ideas?
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I've bought a few at flea markets and at good will but mostly my jars are recycled jars since I don't do any 'real' canning. As long as the plastic lids fit, it works out for me.
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Most grocery stores in my area have canning jars in various sizes and styles. I order the plastic storage lids online though, because for some reason the stores that sell the jars never seem to have the plastic lids, only the two-piece metal lids for canning.

Cool looking old ones turn up at garage sales and thrift stores.
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I bought my 1/2 gallon sized ones at the craft store.
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I get mine when I place my monthly order with Azure Standard at www.azurestandard.com
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I've purchased most of mine new at grocery or hardware stores in the area. I love to thrift and was always watching for them, but they charge as much - or MORE! - most of the time as new, and you are just getting a few at a time. At least that was my luck! Thrift stores are often like that for some things here in the city though.

Also, when you get them new you have a great divided box to store them in when they are emptied for the year.
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freecycle was my best source. I got TONS of various sized mason jars.
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i can buy packs of wide mouth jars at the grocery store.
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I get mine from the grocery store too. I'll have to check the craft stores for half gallon sized ones, though.
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I bought a lot at Ace Hardware this summer - good prices, and they stock them year round (and if yours doesn't carry whatever size you want, they'll order them: mine orderd the half gallons for me
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I reuse the large 1/2 gallon jars we get our honey in.
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I buy food in glass jars, and when the food is finished, wash out the jars and save them.

The ones from Bubbie's pickles are particularly nice.

ETA: I haven't done any actual canning, so I have no clue if these would be appropriate for that purpose or not. They're fine for food storage in the fridge or freezer, and for ferments on the kitchen counter.
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Grandma's basement.

So . . . estate sales, thrift stores, garage/yard sales, freecycle, CraigsList, etc.

Various stores carry jars, too, if you want new. Container Store and World Market often have mason jars.
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I ordered mine online through Ace Hardware. They delivered them free to my local Ace store.
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I buy new ones, I scour church sales, tag sales, flea markets, estate sales, etc. I have some of the really old ones with the wires to close them that I use for storing things (herbs, food, etc) but not for canning (because they don't have rubbers).
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We got ours from my Grandmom-in-law's basement (they belonged to her grandmother, and still have the zinc lids, so cool!).

But other favorite sources of jars:

* Cup sized mason jars that once held candles or pesto.
* Classico (and many other tomato sauce brands) come in good, sturdy canning jars large enough for smaller kefir runs or a small batch of ginger beer.
* Gallon sized pickle jars, which are pretty good for kombucha because the neck doesn't come in much.
* Swing top jars from IKEA or European import stores.
* Recycled swing top bottles from fancy sparkling lemonades, or my favorite root beer (Virgil's).

Most of these I just pull out of the apartment complex recycling bins, I go walking the afternoon before the recycling trucks come and clean them well. Only trouble is that sometimes they're orphanned from their lids.
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I wish I'd thought of Ace Hardware myself! Did you know that Ace hardware is actually a co-op? Each Ace Hardware is actually a separate business, local and often family owned. The Ace part of it is just the supplier! Thought I'd share.
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Oh, I didn't know that. That's pretty cool!
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