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Moving to Greenville, SC in 09

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After alot of scouting about, reading up on various programs etc. hubby has decided that he wants to attend ECPI in Greenville, SC. The school fits his needs {b.s. in computer science 'stuff' in under 4 years} and the area fits our needs as a family, in that it has quality ratings for public and private schools, low cost of living and minimal snows compared to the midwest.

Now that we've settled that and will be visiting over spring break, I'm curious to find out what the area is like from an AP perspective? I know there are a variety of natural foods markets etc, including a brand new Fresh Market. I also learned yesterday that the former city library is set to become a hands-on Childrens Museum. And I fell in love with Falls Park the first time I saw pictures of it over at city data. My questions are more of a personal type nature though. As in

how non-vax friendly is the state/area? Especially local schools? Here we claim a religous exemption and leave it at that since the only other exemption is medical and our neuro can't sign one for our two younger children since they aren't patients of his.

which leads into the availability of naturpaths & osteopaths for pediatrics, as well as the availability of non vax regular md type peds & specialists. We only see doctors when seriously sick in our house but do have one child who requires MRIs & CAT scans every couple years to monitor changes in her medical condition, so a viable team of healthcare professionals is very important to us. Blessedly even in our pro-vax childrens hospital where all of her scans have been done so far, they haven't given us any grief about our vax status. Some lectures, but no real issues.
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Hey! Welcome (soon) to the area!
This area is pretty mainstream overall, but there are pockets of AP/alternative living people. There is an AP meetup group in Greenville that has activities planned numerous times per week, so that would be a great place to meet some new friends.
There is a religious exemption here for vaxes and there are some doctors around who are okay with not vaxing. Our family doctor is in Roebuck (that's where we live - about 30 mins from Greenville), but I know there are some in Greenville as well. I don't know about naturopaths or osteopaths in the area.
If you have any more kiddos planned, I have a great midwife recommendation!
Good luck in your move!
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sadly future kids are a non-issue. My hubby heard the words 'future pregnancy would probably prove fatal to you' and scheduled his V on the way home I would love the referral none the less though, as I love to work with pre & post natal clients in tandem with their care providers in my massage 'life'
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SC is widely pretty non-vax friendly. Religious exemptions are a piece of cake to get. I've not been given any grief about our status. We even went to the dr. a week ago fearing measles, and weren't even questioned about it.
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I agree with other posters. Should be fun & easy getting settled. I grew up in the g'ville/Simpsonville area, daughter of a teacher, & while I only visit regularly now, I still wanted to share a little. G'ville also has all kinds of crazy-specific magnet schools to enjoy & the city puts a lot of money into the arts. G'ville has grown so very very much in just the last 10 years & you can find just about everything you're looking for there w/o running into any problems. Just like anywhere...if you look for pp to take issue with you, you'll find it, but if you look for the like-minded, as you are doing, then you'll find that.: There is so much going on & mainstream alternatives are growing all the time...in fact I would say that it's mainstream to have "alternative healthcare" in G'ville...I grew up there when there were not so many alternatives & I managed to be the person I am now...someone like you, if you don't mind me saying-- interested in natural & holistic well-being for the family who respects the innate intelligence of the body. You guys will do fine & if you get stuck, contact me when you're in town. I'm happy to share what I know if you think it can help!
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Greenville is great!

I love living here!!! We live in Easley which is about 15 min. from Downtown. I work at an alternative school in Greenville. There is a lot to do here and the cost of living is very inexpensive! Good luck on your move and if you have any more question feel free to PM me!
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bumping to ask how the economy has affected Greenville if at all? Hubby has changed his major and some family issues have cropped up that will delay us a year, two at most, but we are still planning to vacation in Greenville this summer and next, and move as soon as we feel things are okay here.
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I think that compared to other parts of the country, greenville and upstate sc hasn't been too affected. Home prices are about the same, because there had never been a real estate bubble here. A lot of jobs in the upstate are manufacturing though, so if this recession continues, I'm sure some of the plants will be closing. HTH!
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Economy in Gville has been great, compared to the rest of the nation, and even SC. Home values have actually increased.

I know the state overall has a horrid unemployement rate right now (11% compared to the nations 8%) but I think coastal areas, not upstate is driving that number.
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It has been several years since we lived there, but for us, living in the Upstate was wonderful. We really miss it a lot!

I pray that your move is smooth and uneventful!
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