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Trinity Medical Associates.

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I just wanted to note, since there are always people looking for pediatricians around here, that Trinity has again proven to be good for delayed-vax people. I just got my son the measles monovalent vaccine, and though there was a lot of confusion over where to find it (and every time I called back I had to explain what I needed over again to the receptionist), they were able to order it for me. And through the whole process, there was never once a "Why not just give him the MMR?" question, or any mention of him being behind schedule on shots, and no trying to get me to give him additional shots. They were perfectly friendly about it.
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I've been very happy with them, too. We just had DD's two month appointment and the doctor told me what he recommended and why. I told him what I was willing to do. He said OK and that was that. No pressure to get the full "recommended schedule."

The support staff is great, too. After the nurse finished DD's measurements and all that she asked me "And are you going to do immunizations today?" It was so nice to be asked instead of her just assuming that we were going to do all the shots. And she was super friendly about my refusal with no condescending looks or tones of voice.
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Will someone PM me the info to call them? Where are they located in Knoxville?

Did they have you sign the refusal form?

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Whoa ...just googled them. Is this who y'all are talking about? If so, their website says this:


In that setting we have found that parents who distrust our advice on receiving vaccinations in the end also distrust our advice on so many other issues that carry so much less risk of injury. To that end we advocate vaccination according the national guidelines except in cases that have a true medical contraindication. If parents feel that is not acceptable or wish to decline those vaccinations we advise parents to seek other healthcare providers that share their viewpoint.
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Yeah, that is the practice. That must be a new statement on their website. To be fair, Dr. McColl told me that when I first met with him last year. And he has always been very upfront about how he feels about vaxes, so I'm not totally surprised. I think it is disappointing that those who wish to completely decline the vaxes are steered somewhere else.

I guess I don't really understand what the big deal is for doctors. I'm paying them for their advice, but it is my family. If I don't want to do one thing, it doesn't mean that I won't take their advice on something else. Yes, they are more educated than I am, but I am the one ultimately responsible for what happens to my kids.

Heck, I'm a librarian and if someone doesn't like the advice I give them about research or what book to read, I don't tell them that I won't help them with something else.
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Heck, I'm a librarian and if someone doesn't like the advice I give them about research or what book to read, I don't tell them that I won't help them with something else.
...or tell them to leave your library and find another.

Doctors are weird. I don't understand it either.

It's hard to find a good doctor here in Knoxville anymore though, sadly. There aren't that many places open to natural parenting.

You know, you made a good point. We are paying them for *advice*, but we aren't paying them so that we can be told what to do in every instance. They can guide us, and yes I do appreciate their advice ...but then I like to weigh my options and decide what to do myself, based on their advice.
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That's funny about the quote. They've never said that to me, not even the nurses.

I am thinking that the quote may be there for the other doctors in the practice more than Dr. Green. They might have different views, but so far everything has been great for us, and the measles shot last month was the first one we ever got with them. (We started going there when DS was two, now he's about to be three.)
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I sent them an e-mail, and they wrote me back saying Dr. Green wants to call me. I gave them my number. I'll update if he calls.
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Please do update. I would love to know what he says.
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