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Extended family visits

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Does anyone else host their IL's from out of country for a long time? My IL's usually come and stay 8-10 weeks. My dh's sister, her dh, and their 2.5 year old son are coming tomorrow to stay until early February. I'm so excited to have them visiting at the holiday season! I just hope we can all get along. Usually after 3 weeks we start to get on each other's nerves badly (which is why I never want to visit India again for more than 3-4 weeks). I am worried about feeding them, both financially and what to cook. They are used to good Indian food, which I don't cook. I'm not even that great of a cook with western food!

We have a 3 br house. It's actually 2 br with a small office. My girls are sharing the office room and it's very cramped in there. Our guests will get dd's old room and they will take over the kids bathroom as well. Our kids are already fighting sharing that small room, and they will have to use our bathroom. I had to childproof again for a 2.5 year old that has never been said no to in his life. Can you tell I'm a bit in a panic? I love my SIL dearly, but her dh is old school (women waiting on him hand and foot), and their son does not get any discipline because he's a boy. Oh joy. Trying to figure out how to keep our tame parakeets (8) and our parrot safe, but not shut up in our room all the time either.
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Does anyone else host their IL's from out of country for a long time?
No, unfortunately not, but I do kinda wish I could. Ha ha, in a more-selfish way. We haven't been able to get DH's mom a visa (damn strict entry req's!) but we would love to host her because DH misses her so much. But it would definitely get on my nerves it it were an arrogant BIL and snotty LO.

Surely you don't have to cook every. single. meal?? I definitely would be courteous for the first couple weeks but then make cooking a shared role. When I go visit DH's family I always volunteer to help out in the kitchen (even if it's just peeling potatoes and slicing vegetables).
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in my sister's + in-laws' family (she too married cross culturaly) they have a 3 days rule = guests staying for more than 3 days have to participate and share duties after the 3rd day or their stay ...
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I haven't hosted the il's yet, but if you are looking for some good ideas for meals, check out http://www.ivu.org/recipes/ that's where i've gotten some good recipes. Good luck!
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In my case, it's my partner who gets to host his IL's.

My family comes over from Poland for 2 months at a time. I personally love it. It's great having them around.

However, the close proximity (our condo is not that big) with everyone can make certain ... activities challenging. So, we just get creative on his lunch break at work (he owns the business).

Otherwise, I enjoy it. My partner's family lives in this country, but they come for visits for 2 or 3 weeks at a time. I enjoy that too - they're wonderful people.

The good thing is - I NEVER cook, lol. When my partner's mom comes, she takes over the kitchen. When my family comes - they take over the kitchen. Considering they're all great cooks, I'm quite happy with it. If they're not cooking, then we go out. Or my partner cooks. I'm more of a baker, which is very convenient as baking isn't a daily activity.
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