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Baby is here

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Hey all, I dropped out for a week + because my little girl, Ruby Dahlia was born just after midnight on Dec 5th.

It was a long, somewhat drawn-out labor, and she left me a little beat up...I'm also thinking that at age 39 maybe I just didn't bounce back like those in their 20's

We're all home, happy and healthy. I'll try and post her birth story once I sort of get it processed myself, and I'm going to read all these other fantastic birth announcements.
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Congrats on the birth of Ruby Dahlia! : I am glad that you and babe are doing well and look forward to hearing your birth story soon!

Take it easy and enjoy your babymoon!!
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Congratulations! :
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Ruby Dahlia, what a beautiful name!
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Congrats! Enjoy your babymoon with your sweet Ruby :
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Congratulations! :
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Congratulations! Take it easy and enjoy your little one
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Congrats, mama! Your daughter's name is beautiful! Take care!
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Hurray! Welcome to the world Ruby!:
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Congrats to you and welcome little one!
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Congratulations! : Welcome to the world, Ruby!
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