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LLL Meetings on Schofield

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Does anyone go to the LLL meetings on Schofield? I thought I'd read they were held at the library there. Anyway, I've lived here since August and have had NO luck meeting anyone. I tried joining a few Meetup groups but ended up resigning/being kicked out for inactivity. I'm a SAHM with no car- If anyone goes to this, would you like to carpool? (Of course, I'd like to arrange some sort of safe meeting first, to make sure you're not a wacko, haha.)
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There were meetings but the leader is changing paths and so the last one was this month.We do hope that somebody can start it back up or something.There was talk of even just getting together without LLL.
Its not the only group though, there are still the meetings in Kailua the first Tues at 10 am.
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Dang! I miss everything. I'm having the hardest time meeting natural moms, I thought that was a sure thing. Oh well.

Schofield would have been more convenient because I live on Wheeler. So even if the person going didn't live that close, it wouldn't be out of their way to pick me up. It might be harder to find a ride somewhere else, you know?
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