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seattle dentist?

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Who do you like? I had a bad experience Wednesday morning taking my 3yo to the dentist for the first time. Looking for some good referrals so I can get a 2nd opinion. Thanks in advance!
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we're in west seattle & had a good experience w/ Dr. Christine Kirchner at the Morgan Junction - California & Fauntleroy next to Blockbuster. I had to pry my 4 yo ds out of the car & they let him sit on my lap in the dentist chair which I appreciated - didn't have to fight for it or anything. I'v heard that some don't let the parent even go back. they were gentle getting him out of the waiting area to the chair - and had good tactics with him while in the chair - & he got to hold a hue stuffed snake the whole time. he got to explore the tools & pick flavors, etc...overall a good experiece.
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We love Jessica Saepoff in Issaquah and would highly recommend her, she is holistic and very gentle. We drive from the Peninsula to see her and its worth it! www.naturaldentist.com
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We work with Dr. Tweedy at West Seattle Children's Dentistry. We've been working with her for 3 years after having some really bad experiences with other family and pediatric dentists. She is not holistic but is very gentle and patient and both my 8yo and 2yo feel comfortable with her (and both have had lots of work done).
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Thank you!
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