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child alzheimers!

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What does everyone think of this story? It seems fishy to me that the girls were normal until age 2 when they suddently got ill with a viral infection and now they have child alzheimers!


I have NEVER heard of this before. Poor parents are desperate for answers. The girls have a website and a blog too http://addiandcassi.com/

Now its possible this could have nothing to do with any injections (vaccines) they had received, but I have to wonder about a deadly disease that mysteriously comes on at age 2 when previously healthy? As a mom of a healthy 14 month old there can't be anything more scary than that thought.
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I couldn't get past the first page, it is very sad

Does make you wonder, is it completely genetics, or was there some kind of environmental trigger? A commenter did encourage the parents to see a DAN! doc. I hope they do.
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Odd. There is a disease called progeria in which a child has symptoms resembling old age. Why weren't they diagnosed with that?
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that is heartbreaking.
That poor family.
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because they dont have progeria. they have niemann-pick type c. its very rare, 500 caes world wide

Niemann-pick foundation

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This is the kind of stuff that makes me wonder, maybe the vaccines are not directly related, but they mess with the immune system. And possibly they cause the immune system to then process things differently, so a virus then has the potential to not be cleared from the body in the way an immune system that wasn't been tampered with would clear it.
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Originally Posted by miriam View Post
Odd. There is a disease called progeria in which a child has symptoms resembling old age. Why weren't they diagnosed with that?
They're symptoms do not match progeria. Even in the children with progeria I've seen on TV, I do not recall them mentioning dementia as an issue.

Niemann-Pick Disease
Types A and C have neurological symptoms such as difficulty walking, speaking, and learning. Type B does not have these symptoms; the only clue to the disease may be repeated respiratory infections and an enlarged abdomen.
progeria is a rare condition that is remarkable because its symptoms strongly resemble normal human aging, but occur in young children.
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Niemann-Pick disease has nothing to do with vaccinations or with a viral infection. It is caused by a genetic mutation. The body can not process cholesterol, so it builds up in the nervous sysem, muscles, and other organs. These poor girls have had the disease since they were in utero. However, it takes a few years for symptoms to manifest, as the cholesterol has to build up in the body to a critical point before symptoms present.
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