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10 weeks and 5 days - spotting

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anyone else have any spotting late? I talked to my midwife last night (We were supposed to have an appointment but with the snow they cancelled the appointments......and no one called us! ) Anyways, she said it really wasn't anything to worry about unless it came with cramps....

I've had a lot of bleeding (the last period) around 6 weeks, had some spotting last week, and ran outside one trip in the snow and then had spotting.....its like GOOD GRIEF! I can't do anything?!?!

Feeling a bit uneasy again........it seems like I start to feel comfortable, then I see spotting and my assurance is tossed out the window.

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Randi, I couldn't read your post and not reply. I don't know what advice I can give you since I've only bled with one of my 5 PGs and that was not a good outcome.
However, I do know that many women DO bleed in early PG and have perfectly healthy babies.
Is there anyway you could have an early ultrasound to put your mind at rest?

I never used to get them but since I have had 2 losses this year my doc ordered a u/s at 7w2d and I did see a little heart beat and felt much better.

Good luck to you sweetheart.
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I agree, what about an ultrasound?
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Randi. I also know a number of women who spotted and had healthy babies. I hope you get some reassurance soon.
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Thank you all for being understanding. I’m not bleeding. I’m spotting. I have bled (at 6 weeks literally had a gushing, uncontrollable bleeding). I had an ultrasound then….and had a heartbeat pumping greatly  I haven’t had an ultrasound since then……and really don’t want one. We were supposed to have a midwife appointment yesterday to hear the heartbeat, but it got cancalled so now I have to wait until January 5. She did say I could call her and get fit in at some point if I needed re-assurance.

I was just wondering if anyone was spotting. Literally, a few wipes…..and then nothing. Just makes one feel uneasy and unsettled.
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Any chance it's just from sex?
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we are a same sex couple and had that last weekend - which scared me too but realized it was from that.

Secondly, I did one lap through the very SNOWY yard last night and then had the spotting.....thought maybe I had done too much? but for petes sake - one little run.

A lady here today at work suggested that maybe with "normal" couples the penis touches the cervix whereas with same sex they don't have that? making the cervix more sensitive?

I've had no more spotting today.....just last night. Just makes me uneasy.

thanks for listening and sorry if I'm giving TMI.
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First off, OP, I don't think you can NOT be "TMI" when talking about spotting You gotta be able to share some details like that, ya know? Anyways, if you're worried and the mw offered to squeeze you in for a heartbeat, I'd go in! I'm 9 weeks and I've had intermittent light brown-tinged mucous for the last week, really random, and then last night I had a tiny bit of red-tinged mucous for about 3 bathroom breaks. I freaked when it turned to red, but it was back to barely light-brown/nothing by the time I went to bed. I still put in a call to my m/w this am to see what she thinks, my brain tells me there's nothing to worry about but my mind is freaking out. I've been saying a lot of positive things to myself all last night and today and I'm feeling pretty calm but dang I sure would love to hear a hb! I may do an u/s if it comes up again. Anyways, since you were talking about overdoing it, it may be that the activity was just a little much? The day before the red spotting, I think I overdid it. I helped hubby push our Jeep into the garage (and out again) and then went and cleaned my MIL's house (she's ill) and then my house. And played many games of tag with my toddler. So I just think it was a bit much. This time around I haven't noticed any spotting from sex, but each cervix is different! Anyways, hang in there, hope you get the reassurance you need soon
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Randi- I had 8 days of spotting on and off from 6.5-7.5 w. They never really gave me a solid reason because the u/s looked normal. When I posted during that episode, many mamas said they went through similar spotting episodes, especially in the 1st trimester. Some throughout the whole pg. I know how awful it is every time you see it, but it doesnt sound like yours is progressing. I have heard that the cervix does become very sensitive and can cause spotting very easily, as can exercise.

Ratrodgrl- it sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders! I wish I could have been as calm. Once again, sounds a lot like what I had and not a reason to worry.

Good luck mamas! Go in and get checked just to ease your worry- it will make the holidays easier...
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I also had spotting with my first. I thought I was miscarrying but wasn't. The gushing blood is weird, but you know everything was fine after that.
I would just take it really easy for a couple weeks. Maybe do some laying down exercise
I wouldn't hesitate to ask for a quick appointment just for reassurance.
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Randi, with my first pregnancy I had unexplained bleeding during my 1st and 2nd trimester. I used to freak out each time, but eventually I learned to do a little routine that seemed to work. Whenever I started to spot, I would get off of my feet try to lay down (I realize this isn't always possible) and I would drink LOTS of water. The spotting always seemed to go away when I did this. I think that I have what doctors refer to as a irritable cervix, so one that is easily prone to bleeding if irritated. I also think that when you are pregnant, you HAVE to drink a lot more fluids to stay hydrated. With my 2nd pregnancy, I drank a lot and I did not have any spotting. With my current pregnancy, I was drinking a lot (just feel very thirsty), even before I figured out I was pregnant. I know it's difficult to not wig out when you notice spotting. However, like your doctor's office said, if you are not having cramping along with it, then you are probably ok. When the spotting happens, try to lie down and drink a lot of water. I never thought I would get over my fear from the spotting, but I just spotted so often throughout that pregnancy, that I eventually got used to it. Best of luck to you.
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Originally Posted by QTRANDI View Post

A lady here today at work suggested that maybe with "normal" couples the penis touches the cervix whereas with same sex they don't have that? making the cervix more sensitive?
This makes me giggle. I don't know how she would've come up with something so funny. But, I have no idea, maybe that could be true, weirder things have happened... but I wouldn't bet on it.

Honestly, I never spotted at all last pregnancy, and none at all this time except once, and that was after I took my daughter to the pool and swam a few laps with her on my back. Nothing traumatic, no jostling, etc (and DH and I had DTD a week prior to that with no bleeding too follow up on the cervix bashing idea). But my midwife said that sometimes it doesn't take much to loosen a little bit of blood that was stuck in there from before (implantation, something else, etc), so not to worry. My guess would be that it's just a little left in there from your bigger bleed earlier that just came out now.
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: : for you!

How are you feeling tonight?
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I haven't had any more spotting today...... and have tried to take it pretty easy. I laid around a lot last night and went to work today but am not going to do anything to strenuous.

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Randi, I too am having very, very light spotting and I have the same exact due date as you. Like you, I only get it after lots of physical activity or an occasional wipe in the bathroom, nothing in between. I had mild cramps last week but now no cramping and actually no blood for the last day and a half.

i don't think the opposite sex idea is too out there though. i always assumed it was the penis bumping the cervix too. ?

anyway, i'll be praying for both you and me!!!
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I Am Blessed

My midwife called today and felt bad that we weren't able to have our appointment on Thursday and so called today to see if we could come in to hear the possible heartbeat. : :

So, we'll be going in at 3pm to hear the heartbeat..........

my day has been made!! (now here's to hoping at 11 weeks exactly we can hear it!)

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hope you get that reassurance, randi! keep us posted.

i have had spotting during every pregnancy. this is my fourth. i'm currently on day 11 of bright red, very light, crampless, consistent, spotting. it doesn't get worse, yet it doesn't go away. we think it's a hematoma.

other pregnancies, i've had light spotting for a day or two at a time at various times during the gestation. i think it's more common that folks let on.

hoping all's well!
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Randi, how did things go? I hope you saw the HB.
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Thinking of you!
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