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Oh dear! :

When Erin was in the NICU another NICU mama and I went downstairs for some coffee and over heard (not that it was hard) a woman crying saying that the nurse wouldn't let her see her new grandbaby because she was sick. Her son was ENRAGED and said that they should just storm the nursery and force the nurse to let her see the baby!
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I can remember 3 things, the first two said by the bonehead who delivered my son at 30 weeks and the last by the neonatologist.

1) My son has just been delivered by c-section at 30 weeks. I'm still laying on the table in the OR and the doctor said something about how I'd have to have a c-section again if I have any more children. I mumble something about that I don't think I'm having any more. He then asks me if I want him to tie my tubes since he's in there anyway. Um, isn't that something I might like to think about longer than 15 seconds?? I've tried rationalizing this as maybe he thought I was planning on having a tubal or something but wouldn't I have brought it up if I was??

2) Dr. Bonehead comes into my room and says "The baby is doing good. You know, when I was a resident, we didn't even *try* to save babies born at 30 weeks." Again, I try to rationalize it as he must have been thinking how it's so great more babies have a chance now but I still think it was rude how he said it.

3) Neonatologist is concerned about my son's ability to hold up his head. Says "He could have any one of a number of neurological diseases from a list as long as my arm, none of which are treatable." DS had not been examined by a neurologist at this point, so I think this comment was premature and uncalled for. Neurologist ends up "diagnosing" DS with a big head...thankfully no problems at all. Neonatologist actually wrote me a letter to apologize for his comment.

My preemie is going to be 9 in May and I still remember each of these comments clear as a bell. People just don't realize the impact their words can have.
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ooo i thought of another one staff in the hospital my son was in were talking strike when he was still in an incubator. had this happened, he would have had to be transferred to another hospital 5 hours away. I was of course devestated. His father was ok though. because, in his words, he would " take the baby and the incubater and ivs and everything and just bring him home in it." my little 2 pound baby!!!! we seperated right after the baby came home from the hospital.
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My mother said something really stupid while we were in the NICU. My daughter had been on ECMO and we hadn't been allowed to touch her. When the day finally came and we held her for the first time we were so excited. My mom was in the chair and she said to the nurse "How come that lady is allowed to hold her baby, it's way smaller than Katrina?" The nurse replied "This is the first time she is holding her baby too, and she has been here almost 3 months"...oops!
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I had a close friend have a baby a few days before Christmas. She was a day shy of 38 weeks. Her parents sent out an email about how she was "preemie-ish". I love these friends, but I wonder if that experiences like that lead some people out there to not understand that babies who are born more than a month early often face a lot of issues?
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