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My grandparents all came from big families, from about 7 - 13 kids
DH is one of 6
Besides internet mommy goddesses, the biggest family I know IRL would be 5 bio kids.
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I have a friend w/ 7 children.
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Originally Posted by JamesMama View Post
My Grandpa was one of 10...all boys.
Originally Posted by SAHDS View Post

ALL boys.
Yikes, what's up with that? That's a lot of boys!!!

I've known a few families personally who have 8 or 9 kids. I thought that was a lot. Of the families with 8 kids, in each case some were adopted/half-siblings/tep-siblings and so forth, no multiples, but of the two families I know who had 9 kids, there was only one set of twins in one of the families and no adoptions/step-siblings/half-siblings at all. Wow!

One of my DHs good friends has 13 siblings, but they're not all her full-blood siblings-- some are half- or step-, and she didn't grow up in the same home with all of them.
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MIL is 1 of 9

FIL is 1 of 7

Reading this thread makes me feel even more guilty about my struggles with just 2 & at the same time makes me want more kids even more than I already do
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I grew up next door to a family of 12 (ten girls two boys). The mother was raised in a catholic orphange and her dream was to have a ig family of her own one day! They were an awesome family! Right now I live in a neighborhood made up mostley of Orthodox and Hasidic Jewish families and the average seems to be about 6 or 7 kids per family. It's great there are always tons of kids for DS to play with at the playground!
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friends at a former church had 12 (2 adopted, 10 bio) last I knew of. They had no plans to stop and were working on a foster-adopt.

The area we live in now has several families who had 15-16 kids so there are many with the same last name.

eta: my grandfather (paternal) was one of 9.
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I am the youngest of 13 children. I don't personally know anyone with a bigger family.
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I'm the 2nd of 8. Mom's the 2nd of 8, Dad's the 1st of 7... Bigger families run in the family.

That said, there's a local family of 16 kids ( most of whom are adults now) and they take the taco.
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The largest family that I personally know has 4 kids.
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Nine kids.

(And they were all raised vegetarian; the youngest was born right after the oldest went off to college. I was friends with one of the older daughters in HS.)
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Originally Posted by alaskanteach View Post
I would like to know if the big families are a regional thing, or more random...
I think there is a regional aspect to it. I don't think I've ever seen a family with 5 kids around here. To me, a big family has 3 kids. I mean, if I saw a family with 4 kids in my grocery store, I'd notice and mention it to my husband that night... My point being: it's that unusual here.
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BIL is part of 9 children.
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Originally Posted by alaskanteach
I would like to know if the big families are a regional thing, or more random...
Could be.

Most people around here have AT LEAST two, three and four are also very common. I think it's because we are pretty Southern in culture, despite geographically being Midwest.

We also have a lot of big (5-7 kids) Catholic and Mormon families, because both religions are very well-represented in the area.
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my GMIL was one of 21 (i think that's the number...that or 20), and my father was one of 13, though only 6 survived past childhood.
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The biggest family I know has 9 kids and one more on the way.

ETA: though my moms dad was the... youngest (or one of the youngest) of a big family, I think he has/had around 15-20 brothers and sisters. However, he was actually raised by his uncle (some family deal that the next kid would go to the uncle, they thought he was a girl, and were thus slightly upset to give a boy up... but they did and he grew up a privilaged only child of his rather rich uncle in Santa Fe, NM rather than the youngest of a huge poor family out on the farm). Something like that.
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My mil has 12 siblings. One of those siblings has 19 kids.
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My paternal grandmother is the third eldest of 14 total (including one miscarriage, and death of twin sisters shortly after birth). My paternal grandfather is the second eldest of 4, I think.

My mother is second eldest of 5. Her mother is second eldest of 5 as well.

My father is the eldest of 3. I am the eldest of 3 (including one stepsibling).

Both of my maternal aunts have 4 children each. One of my maternal uncles is in jail, but has twin daughters. The other is childless.

My paternal uncle has one child. My paternal aunt has 1 child. I have 1 child (but hope to have at least one more someday!).

I have never known of any family personally, other than my paternal grandmother, with more than 3-5 children (I believe my choir teacher as a child had 5...two were adopted).

I find the concept of extremely large families interesting/fascinating, and scary all at the same time. There's no way I could handle it, though!

Edited to add :

I just remembered that one of my favorite bloggers has 11 children, aged mid-thirties to about 9. Her name is Heart, the blog is Women's Space/The Margins, and she freakin' rocks!!!

Edited again to add : I think this is very regional, and tied to religion as well...in my experience, the more rural/religious an area, the more children people tend to have.

We live in urban/suburban So Cal. People just don't generally have a lot of kids here.

*power and hugs and love and admiration for all mamis/papis/parents of many* :
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My husband is one of 11. One died at birth and one was adopted into the family.

I have a friend with 9 children, and several others who are working thier way up to that in a few years.

My parents hear from old friends every year who add a child a year. I think they are up to 7 or 8 now.

Oh, and one who has 16--9 bio and 7 adopted from Ethiopia. :

I used to volunteer to visit with an elderly lady who was one of 15.
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Forgot! The wife of one of my favorite singers (reggae/dancehall) was one of 21 I think, or was it 24. All from the same mother. Amazing.

Dang, thought of another one! We haven't seen these people in years though. There was an older lady in the cult we belonged to that had 10 children. That wasn't so unusual, but the oldest of her children also had 8-10 children, and the others who were married were showing the same penchant for fertility. By the time we left the cult, I believe she had 63 grandchildren, more on the way, and some of her younger children hadn't even married yet. I wouldn't be at all surprised if she had 100 grandchildren by the time she passed away.
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DH is one of 9. He is number 8 of the 9.

I grew up w a boy who had 14 in his family.

My Dad's coworker was the oldest of 15.

I used to wait on a mother at a department store many years ago who had 16 babies. She was shopping for "non" maternity clothes since she hadnt had regular clothes in almost 20 years. She said they were finished having babies.

My MIL estimates she has spent 10 years of her life nursing. Since FIL and DH share the same first and last name, they often get calls for us at their home since they are listed and we are not. After DD2 was born, a LLL leader friend was looking for my number and called 411. She got my MIL who said "LLL, well I shall have you know I bf all 9 of my kids and my sister went to the first LLL meeting over 50 years ago!" So then a few leaders would tell me how "cool" my MIL is! Heck, it was DH and FIL's idea for me to Breastfeed!
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