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Olympia/Washington Questions

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My DH is looking into a job in Olympia and although it seems beautiful and perfect for us in many ways, I am a bit concerned about the weather. I read there are somewhere around 260 days of cloud cover and 140 days of rain, making it the rainiest city in the lower 48 states.

I would love to hear opinions and feedback from anyone who lives there or in the general area that has similar weather. I know that DH and I don't do well if we're stuck indoors for extended periods of time, but the lure of gorgeous mountains and natural beauty is quite appealing.

Just to help get where we're coming from, we currently live in TX and today it was 74, so yeah, it'd be a big change

Thanks so much for your feedback!
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I live in another Seattle-area town, and have lived all around the Pacific Northwest. Rain doesn't really keep us in. We use raincoats and still go out walking and such.

And the beautiful days, which are even interspersed all through the hard winter days, are absolutely GORGEOUS.
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Thanks, I'll keep focused on the many positives there would be
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I have been here 7 or 8 years. I moved from Georgia, which is sunny, sunny, sunny. The first year, the winter really sucked. The second year, I noticed how green it was during the winter here. The third year I didn't own an umbrella. I guess you get used to it and the beautiful summers, which have zero humidity, mosquitos and 70-85 degree weather (in a word) perfect.
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Just keep a nice raincoat on hand and you'll be fine We don't do umbrellas. We live in Olympia and LOVE it here! We have gorgeous summers and super rainy winters. The pacific northwest is known for its outdoorsiness and in particular Olympia has lots of bike trails, forests, parks, lakes, and so much more that will keep you busy all the time. Right now we're playing in the 18 inches of snow outside It's shut down the town, but we're having fun!
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Not from your area anymore but I have to say that after 8 years of blue sky in AZ... it wears on me worse than the grey in Salem ever did. Who'd think that cloud cover would be exciting!
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I took a peek at your blog and the snow pics are great! I do miss the snow (I grew up in New England), and would love for ds to experience it as a kid.

You mamas are making me more excited about moving (if dh's job goes through)..keeping my fingers crossed
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Originally Posted by PPK View Post
I read there are somewhere around 260 days of cloud cover and 140 days of rain, making it the rainiest city in the lower 48 states.
Originally Posted by PPK View Post

I took a peek at your blog and the snow pics are great! I do miss the snow (I grew up in New England), and would love for ds to experience it as a kid.

I think you have to look at the total amount of rain instead of the number of days that there is rain. It might drizzle all day, but the amount of water falling is under what might fall inside of an hour in Miami, for instance.

Try not to move in winter, though...more than one person I've known has packed up before spring, when they moved here in Nov.

Also, know that snow like is happening isn't a regular occurrence here. And when it happens, it tends to shut things down b/c we're so not used to it.
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I'm a transplanted southerner, after 5 years in Charleston and then another two in coastal GA, we moved here a little over 3 years ago courtesy of the Navy. For me, it's been a very hard adjustment, though I think I'm finally starting to adjust. I'm still dealing with SAD in the winters, though. The summers are gorgeous, though it's a bit mixed. There are a lot fewer hot days, it doesn't get as hot as I'm used too, but it does get hot enough that I'm uncomfortable in the house because I'm used to having central air. We got more rain in southeast GA than we do here, but in GA it was mainly in afternoon thunderstorms and downpours, instead of the constant light drizzle.

Ehhh, it's not my favorite place to be but I'm functioning better this winter than I have the past few. And courtesy of the housing market, we will be staying here for quite a while longer.
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On the PNW rains..... they are so different from the violent, exciting thunderstorms of the south and midwest parts of the country. I've only heard thunder a time or two in the nearly 2 years I've live here. The rains here come down gently, with no fury, and as such I feel are less intrusive. It can and does rain a lot, but it's a very different style of rain from what you would be used to in TX. It doesn't seem to stop anyone from getting out to do things or even just strolling through town. I miss the violent t-storms with loads of lightning and wind and tornado warnings. Yes, I should have been a storm chaser, but that'll have to be in my next life.
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I have lived in western Washington my entire life - 18 years an hour south of Olympia and the last 21 two to three hours north of it. Western Washington is rainy I guess. But that is why it is so gorgeous and green here!

The weather in general is mild. Not too hot and not too cold. Yes, it rains sometimes but not all the time. Having grown up here, I am used to it. It doesn't seem like a reason not to live here at all to me.

Ocean, rivers, lakes, mountains, trees, tons of educational and birth choices, lots of outdoor sports, liberal politically - it is all good.

Olympia is also good in that you can get to bigger cities like Seattle or Portland easily up an hour or down two hours on I-5.
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