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I had a great ultrasound today too
I am 12 weeks and was measuring right on target. Our little pumpkin was wiggling and twirling and kicking and looked just like a tiny little baby. : Little hands and feet and nose and chin. I am so happy to have seen that. It eases my mind.

I am still sick as a dog with morning sickness though- it seems to get worse every week instead of better. The meds keep me from throwing up but they do nothing for the nausea. I have been holding my weight steady since I started them so thats a really good thing. Im just looking forward to feeling better.
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Heh heh, I'll bet he is Amanda. My DH will certainly be expecting more action now too. :
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glad to have found this area on the DDC.

I had a good visit today with my Dr. I was taking Crinone 1x a day but I can stop this week. I am also going to start aspirin 1x a day at the end of the week. I am officially 13 weeks today and I am so excited! The baby's HB sounded good. I do not get another u/s until 18-20 weeks.

Take care!
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It's hard to be preggo after a loss, there's this fear that the current pregnancy will terminate too. I've had 3 losses, but never made this far -- 2nd trimester, saw the heartbeats, saw the babies jumping around...

So I'm trying to be positive. Trying to have logic overcome emotion -- that my chances are awesome that I'll carry to term. Trying to repeat my doc's words -- "you will carry to term." But still, every ultrasound I hold my breathe in fear for the worst.
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How is everyone doing today?

I am just glad I ahve made it to 14w5d today (this is when I found out that we had a second tri loss in 2007) so I really wanted to get to this point before I told many people that I was pg.

I have a Dr appt Monday (my kids have off from school so they get to go with me!) I see him every 2 weeks. I'll also get to schedule my big u/s after that appt (for 18-20 weeks).

Take care all!

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any updates here?

Take care,
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So far all is good in my world

We found out at my last appointment that the baby looks to be a boy. So that is exciting. He is growing well and all looks good.

I am still horridly sick all the time with nausea and vomiting and still one way too many medications, but I am hoping that I start feeling better soon. At least with the medication I am holding steady at my 5 pound loss and not losing more. I should be feeling better by 20 weeks (I hope i feel better by 20 weeks).

Anyway that is all with me.

Not me news. My SIL has been battling infertility for years and recently found out she was pregnant and miscarried a few days later. She got pregnant again the next cycle and found out it is a tubal. I feel so bad for her I know what it is like to have losses, but I can't imagine coming off of infertility to such things. So sad. I am trying to be there for her and comfort her how I can, but we have never been close and she has an "abrasive" personality. I will keep providing support to her the best ways that I can.
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Originally Posted by L.A.Mamma View Post
But still, every ultrasound I hold my breathe in fear for the worst.
Does this ever go away? Even when all signs are positive, I'm still so scared for every doctor's appointment that I feel sick and start to hyperventilate when he turns the u/s machine on. I have a love/hate relationship with the doctor's visits.

The first words out of my mouth when DD was born were "How is she? Is she OK?"...I wouldn't even say I was happy, I was just so relieved because I had been so convinced that something would go wrong. I feel guilty for having been so negative when I wanted so much to enjoy the pregnancy and birth...I was hoping this time would be different, but so far, not so much...

Has anyone successfully broken this cycle and found a way to be peaceful and positive? All suggestions welcome!
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It did go away for me, somewhat. I've had three losses (ectopic and 2 miscarriages), but I'm 17 weeks now so a lot of the fear is lessened. I was worried for awhile, it used to be...if I didn't see bleeding I was fine. Every time I started bleeding it lead to a pregnancy loss. But my last miscarriage was a blighted ovum, and the baby had stopped developing weeks before I found out So that had me all paranoid this time around. I had a lot of sonograms (because of my prior ectopic) and that eased the fear some. My midwife found a strong heartbeat at my last appointment, so I feel pretty positive overall.

It's like a less than 5% chance of losing the baby after you've seen a heartbeat/surpassed week 6, I believe it's closer to 1% once you hit the second trimester.
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Originally Posted by swtpesq View Post
Does this ever go away? Even when all signs are positive, I'm still so scared for every doctor's appointment that I feel sick and start to hyperventilate when he turns the u/s machine on. I have a love/hate relationship with the doctor's visits.
I don't know. My first pregnancy was a m/c, and then with my next I started to relax when I started feeling DS kicking regularly. We did have a bleeding scare later on in that pregnancy though and I still had moments of anxiety later on. Then I had 2 more m/c and I don't know if I'll ever feel as relaxed as I did during my pregnancy with DS (and like I said, it wasn't a completely relaxed blissfull pregnancy at all, but at some point I did feel pretty sure that I was actually going to be having a baby).

I'm almost 18 weeks now and I still get nervous at every appt, wondering if we'll hear the heartbeat...wondering how long before this is all over. On the other hand I find myself doing things that I know mean I am starting to believe this is happening, like when I found myself knitting a baby hat the other day...I think it's a process and a journey, sorry, no easy answers for you!
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This thread has gotten really quiet. Any updates? New u/s, info, etc??

Take care!
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Hi, I'll post an update, since I posted before how I worried that I would never be "comfortable" with this pregnancy because of my previous loss...

I'm at 21 weeks today, and I have to say, much (most?) of my fear has subsided because this lil bugger is so darned wiggly, way more so than DD was. Every time I feel a movement, I breathe a little bit easier. Also, I already had the "big" u/s which put my mind at ease as far as the potential for major problems.

There is still deep-seated fear lurking in the back of my mind, but I feel like as soon as it starts to creep to the front of my consciousness, the little "cashew" will give me a nice big kick to let me know he's there. Don't want to jinx myself, but I'm feeling pretty good about the whole thing. I will say, though, that I am much more hesitant to plan things for the baby (haven't bought anything yet, made room for his bassinet, etc.) than other people I know who never had a m/c. I'm hoping within a month or so I'll allow myself to get excited...

Hope you ladies are feeling good, too!
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I don't feel like I'll be confident in this pregnancy until I am holding a live baby. And maybe not even then- I held Elora a few times while she was in the NICU and still didn't bring her home. So maybe not until they are home with me.
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I'm inching on 19 weeks. Feeling fairly calm at this point. Lots of baby kicks help ease my anxiety.
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