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I went to high school in Elma, Wa. It is a town of about 3000 people and lots of families were car free there.
We now live just east of Portland, oregon, and has already been mentioned it is very easy to be car free around here.
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We're car-free in Prague, Czech Republic. It's really easy. But major European cities tend to have really great public transport. We have 1 kid and honestly, our life with a car would be a hassle (outrageous price of gas, insurance, getting your car broken into in the inner city which is where we live, fighting for parking...).
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I'm from New Orleans and when I lived there I rarely used my car. Since I lived Uptown I used the streetcars to get to and from work or school. NOLA is also a walking friendly city and not crazy huge like Houston (where I went to college). A trip to Whole Foods or the neighborhood grocer is an easy bike ride if you don't plan to do some mega shopping. We live in S. Florida now and the town is small but everything is pretty spread out so a car is necessary. Also, the winters in The Big Easy are mild compared to up north, the culture is awsome, great music, nice parks for the kids, you would love it! Can you tell I love my NOLA? Ah, how I miss home...
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i live in portland, OR and am about to be car free... does that count. i have not ridden the bus here yet, but am planning on it once i get an umbrella stroller for ds. i hope it is as easy as my fellow portlanders say it is!!!
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We live in Toronto Canada and I've never even gotten my full drivers licence
We have never had a problem being carfree in Toronto, as we have access to excellent public transit. Its quick, efficient (well, most of the time ) and I don't think I'll ever have to own a car in this city.
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car free and live in MEXICO CITY!!! yes, used to live in spain, 7years on bike. now i can´t get on a bike with my son in this city...but walk and learning to looove the metrobus...nothing else to do about it!
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We've always been car free, and used to live in Toronto, Ontario, now living in Montreal, Québec. Both cities have pretty good public transit, but Montreal's transit system sucks for accessibility for strollers (and wheelchairs!). Also, perhaps because it's a smaller city, Montreal's transit system is smaller (and a tad less reliable) than Toronto's.

I generally don't miss having a car except for things like large grocery shopping trips and trips to the outskirts of the city. We're thinking of signing up for a communal automobile program in a few years, where you pay a yearly fee and get to "borrow" a car from the program, for a few hours or a few days. Aside from that, street parking here is SOOOOO complicated with all the signs pointing this way and that, poorly explaining at which time and which period of the year it's permitted to park. Ugh. No thank you.
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I'm no longer car-free but when I was I lived in : Asheville, Boone, and charlotte NC
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I've lived in Philadelphia without a car for 8 years, and for 5 years in State College PA before that. While the populations are worlds apart, I find some of the same 'small town' pleasures in the big city that I enjoyed in State College. Its impossible to go to the grocery store without running into friends or at least familiar faces. Each neighborhood here has its own attitude and potential for an intimate feel--and these can't be experienced any way but on foot.
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Car-free in Downtown Boston. We walk, take the T, and use www.zipcar.com for suburban, out of town excursions. Lovin' it!
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I used zipcar when I lived in Boston (Cambridge), too. I didn't have kids then, but was pregnant, and I think we could have managed that way for a long time, with a baby. We now live in Galway, Ireland. It's a small town, but we live right in the middle of it, so being car-free here is easy. We can borrow a car or rent if we want to get out of town, into the country, but we rarely do because it's such a hassle. I've alsso

We're about to move back to the US, to a place 8 miles from the nearest grocery store, so we'll need to get a car again, which I'm not looking forward to. Europe, even Ireland, is set up much better for people without cars, in general.
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Move to Charles county Maryland. It is still sort or rural and layed back, but there is public transport. I'm car free not by choice but because I'm blind, and i do fine here.
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Donated our car to NPR last month- haven't driven in over 3 mos. Totally car-free w/ a 14 y/o & a 6 y/o in downtown Portland, OR! Loving it!
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Originally Posted by UrbanEarthMom View Post
Car-free in Downtown Boston. We walk, take the T, and use www.zipcar.com for suburban, out of town excursions. Lovin' it!
I use Zipcar too. It's a great!
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Moms who don't drive tribe

Is there a tribe for moms who don't drive......or don't have acess to a car?
I don't drive and am interested in how others in the same boat stay sane and keep the kids entertained.
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Originally Posted by mermaidmama View Post
Is there a tribe for moms who don't drive......or don't have acess to a car?
I don't drive and am interested in how others in the same boat stay sane and keep the kids entertained.
I do drive, but we only have one car and no public transportation

I DO go insane. I spend the day crawl-racing my ds around the house and playing peek-a-boo, or trying to cook with a baby on my leg

at his age, he doesnt get too bored around the house, he's still discovering it, but I imagine that when he's older(and its no longer winter) we will do a lot more walking (3hrs to the library, 10-20 min to the park)

oooh! that reminds me, SPRING is almost here! 17 more days to go! (too bad theres still snow on the ground )
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I fit in here!

No car, no licence for me!
I hope to someday but it seems to be one of those things that never happen.
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Hey! Me too! We used to live in D.C. and having only one car made perfect sense (we barely needed that one!). Now we are in a more rural area (hopefully not for long) and I totally can relate. It is a big challenge to feel sane. I try to get out for walks, but hate the cold weather. Besides there is nowhere interesting to go....other than pacing in circles in our neighborhood. I really miss the urban environment when I could hop on a metro train, bus or taxi all the time and go anywhere.

The good thing is my husband comes home fairly early (usually around 3-4) each day, so I'm not too stir crazy. But still....

It really gets me thinking about how car-dependent most of society is. Having been not so for a long time, it is a big adjustment to me to live in an area where virtually everyone drives to and fro in their cars.

And then there is the baby angle. My LO hates her car seat! On the rare occasions that we go to D.C. and can metro/bus around easily, I just love it, and so does she. I swear I get more done in a few hours than all day in the burbs. No car seat to contend with, no parking, just pop in and out. Plus, I can focus on her and not be a slave to the carseat rules. One day we rented a car so I could go to a play date and pick a friend up at the airport. By mid-day, I realized how separated from my LO I felt. Granted, she was just in the backseat in her carseat, but I am used to wearing her, carrying her, being with her all the time. Then it occurred to me that if you are living like most folks do, their babies do spend a lot of time in car seats running errands, dropping other kids at school, etc.

As far as staying sane, I'm not sure I do! At least not as sane as I would be otherwise. I don't feel like the answer is another car....we don't want to go that route. For me the answer would be moving to another area where shopping, social interaction, etc. is walkable easily. Hopefully we will do that soon.. Working on it!

I too, would LOVE to hear some ideas about staying sane without the car!
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hi mamas
I do have a car but I do not drive. so it is a bit different situation for me.
I will go as far as the grocery store or bank etc, but I have a horrible fear of driving and only go as far as i need to which isnt more then a mile or two done the road. It is a pain because I have to rely on DD to take us to the doctors or places out of my range,so it is almost like not having a car i suppose. I have been this way since i got my license 25 years ago nothing has changed.

I find that I am having a bit of a problem now because my DD is older (5) and wants to go places her friends go I will not drive to them, it is even harder explaining to other moms why i dont drive when they see me around the neighborhood driving my car.... So I tend to just shy away from making firends with others who dont already know me. kwin? anyhow we do walk a lot to the beach to the library, aroundt he neighborhood playground etc when the weather permits...
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Hey all! I think I belong here. I don't have a license or drive, though we do have a car that my husband drives. When we lived in Chicago (where we lived until 6 years ago), it was no biggie and I took public transportation everywhere, but now that we live in the sticks it can be really isolating sometimes. Not to mention many people's reaction that I'm a non-driver...I think lots of folks think it's weird or something.
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