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How did i ruin my PUL?

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i'm sick over this. please tell me if you can help.

we had BumGenius one-size for dd, after about 12 months all of the elastic busted in the legs and the PUL was scratchy to the touch and leaked. I called customer service and sent in my diapers. they said the PUL was pretty much ruined and asked all kinds of questions.
what detergent? Purex free and clear (this is supposed to be okay)
They said i shouldn't have dried them on high (my mistake) and i shouldn't have added vinegar or baking soda occasionallly.

they were great and sent me 12 NEW 3.0's, i've been so careful with them.
cold wash & rinse with Purex
then hot wash and rinse with Purex
dry on low

But now only 8 months later and all of the PUL is almost ruined!!!!
What is going on?
please help i'm going nuts!!!!
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Don't know, but EVERYONE I know who has BG diapers has had problems with them. Leaking, wicking, PUL just basically shot, elastic shot, soaking in the tabs area, velcro coming off, stitching pulling apart, layers of the diaper coming apart. Mine only worked well for like, 4-6 months. : My theory, there is a REASON they have their return policy--NOT impressed with their diapers...I have had much better success with Fuzzi Bunz in the 2 years I've been CDing. Sorry your dipes are ruined.
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That's funny, i have a friend who bought her BumGenius at the same time and they are still perfect. They look and work like brand new. I have a fuzzi bunz and the elastic and PUL are now shot on it as well.

Could this be hard water?
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I'm sorry. I can't help either. I know how frustrating it is.

I really like my tiny tush diapers and have several other pockets that I use, but I keep thinking - there's no way all these dipes are going to last through several kids (though the tiny tush have held up very welll for 6 months I've had them). I think that's just an issue with pocket dipes.

Prefolds are nice that way. They seem like they'll just last forever. You may have to replace the covers here and there, but they don't cost as much.

How frustrating Mama! I wish I had an answer for you. It's just weird.

I've heard it can be an issue with Bac-out. Or bleach. And that vinegar can ruin elastic... but it sounds like you aren't using those! I don't know...
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