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Refrigerating yeast dough?

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I want to make a raspberry coffeecake for Christmas for DH. It's a yeast dough. Can I refrigerate it after the second rise the day before and then bake it in the am? I make bread all the time but I never refrig the dough at all so I'm not really sure how this works.

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When I refigerate my yeast dough I do it after the first rise. Then bring it out and let it warm up and rise again on the counter, this takes a while. Is that an option for you?

You could get up really early in the morning, take out the dough and let it warm up/rise while you go back to sleep. Then when you finally wake up the dough will be ready to bake.

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I have several pans of cinnemon rolls to bake Christmas morning... I refridgerated after the first rise, I'm wondering if I set them out tonight before I go to bed (around midnight, probably), and then get up at about 7am will it work out? What happens if they rise "too long?"
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Dough continues to rise in the fridge, it just does it a lot more slowly. I think the suggestion of getting up in the night to let it rise and going back to bed is a good one, if it is feasable for you. I wouldn't know how long to suggest to let is rise on the counter. I wonder if there is a guideline on how many times to multiply the original rise time in order to make the decision.
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Cinnamon rolls are something you CAN definately make overnight. Roll, slice, arrange in pan, then cover with plastic wrap and put in the fridge overnight. Take them out while preheating the oven. They will rise perfectly fine, just enough in the fridge, a little more coming up to room temp and then more oven spring once you bake them
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