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mothers of allergic babies unite

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I want to meet and share info with all you mothers out there that have allergic babies and children. I know there are several networks online but I would like to start something here. Allergies are more and more prevalent these days and can be very difficult to pinpoint and live with. It is mostly trial and error (tests or no tests) and takes a lot of focused attention. I have learned so much from my son who is dairy, wheat, soy, goat, kiwi, banana, avocado, fish, shrimp, peanut, treenut, and many other things including all chemicals allergic. Lets help each other!
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I am finding out that my ds is allergic to everything. Even when we just take him outside he gets welts on his head, and I don't know what from. Not to mention the eczema, food and soaps/chemicals allergies...


At least I am concious and proactive about it.
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we are cow's milk, goat's milk (i know, don't give it to children under 3), soy, eggs, and pecans, so far. fortunately, he can eat peanuts!

very hard to deal with, and my ped doesn't take me very seriously. everytime i say he is allergic to milk, he says, "oh, really? how do you know?" ummmm, rashes, diaper rash, diarrhea, red ears, runny nose...drives me nuts. otherwise, he is great--very pro-bf, pro-cd, etc...
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Hives from just leaving the house is the story of my life. Most of the time we don't know what it is either and spend a lot of time speculating. I don't think there is a single house that my son has been to that we haven't had to leave because he was wheezing and coughing from dust mites, cat dander, perfumes, chemicals etc. I hear you! We usually come home and put him right into the bath or shower to get rid of the rash, hives or itchy skin. I use benadryl as a last resort when his breathing is extremely labored or he is turning beet red with hives. I sigh with you...

My son has had rast tests and scratch tests to confirm his allergies. Isn't it strange how doctors need tests to confirm a diagnosis? Mothers know their children best!
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My son is allergic to soy, wheat, dairy, all nuts, artifical dyes, and preservatives. He gets hive, eczema, and swollen penis and lips when really bad. Have any of you done a hair analysis?
My son is extremely loaded with heavy metals according to are hair sample. That may be the reason for the hives outbreaks. his body is unable to breakdown certain foods due to the heavy metals that overload his organs. He also suffers from candida overgrowth, but we treated him with homeopathic drops from Natralpath Dr. It is not gone, but is better according to his stool sample.
I am not sure what to do about the heavy metals! Anyone out there have this too? I am giving him Sun Chlorella (seaweed) that is supposed to help eliminate metals. I am not sure what else to do...and am very frustrated

Good luck to the rest of you! e-mail me if you need any spelt recipes or have any to share!

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Hi there! We've just entered the world of allergies in the past few months. DS is 15 mos, and its mainly showing in the form of eczema and hives, and now that I know more, I think he had other signs of allergies earlier...red cheeks, puffy eyes, etc.

We've been doing a bit of rotation diets, and haven't come up with much that way yet..but its such a LOOONG process!! We're reading "Is This Your Child" and finding it helpful, but overwhelming.

I've also been taking him to a chiro for NAET treatment. I was skeptical, but after two sessions, his rash has almost dissapeared for now. The chiropractor thinks he has a sensitivity to soy and brown rice (of all things! It would have been the LAST thing I would try in a rotation diet!). I'm going to continue our work with the chiro and hope for the best.

It can be soooo overwhelming trying to track down the cause. I can't believe how much energy its taken to work with so far. And how dissapointing it is when the rash comes back! Aarrghh.... glad to hear there are other moms out there to lean on for support about this. Unless you are actually dealing with it, I think its hard for people to really understand.

Hang in there!
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What is NAET treatment?

I'm tired of people telling me that my ds needs a nap.

I always have to explain the dark circles and puffy eyes are from allergies. Our ped calls the dark circles:

Allergy shiners.

I am thinking about doing allergy testing when my ds is a little older but just for food items. I'll just suppose he's allergic to everything external (trees, soaps, dust, etc)
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Did you ever check out or think it is your childs adrenal glands? you say he gets hives when he leaves the house....does he get upset? do they get worse when he is upset? You may want to start him on adrenal support. Black licorice is supposed to help. From what I ve read allergy kids tend to have adrenal problems.
I have read "Is this your Child?" Don't get too freaked out, there has to be underlining causes that we are just missing because we deal with it day to day.
I will find out why my child is so intolerant to so many foods. When I solve this mystery I will tell everyone! For now I read everything, search the web, and pick the brains of friends, Naturalpath Dr, and traditional drs alike. It has become my lifes mission to get him better. If someone told me that cutting of my right arm would make it go away I would!!!

good Luck to you all!
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I'm afraid I'll grossly misrepresent it if I try and describe it myself, so instead, why don't you check out this website:

Also, do a search for "naet" on these boards and you'll find some other threads about it.
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If someone told me I had to chop off my arm to make my son better, I would do it too

Thanks, I'll look at that info.
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My son's hair analysis said he has a very high load of aluminum- the rest of the toxic metals were within normal range. I've sent a sample into a different lab just to make sure the results juve, but haven't gotten the results back yet.

He does have allergies, but nothing like you ladies you describe, thank goodness. I thought the constant stuffiness at night and puffy red eyes were bad. He also gets occasional diahrrhea for ?? reason. At what age can they do allergy testing? I know he has seasonal allergies, but as far as food goes, I have no idea. I've tried elimination diets and the results are always erratic

What advice have you gotten regarding the hair analysis?? I've seen an MD and a DO and neither have any info or take the results seriously. I plan to see a ND next. My son has a speech delay and a few other developmental quirks, so I wonder if the aluminum is a factor. I have no idea how he could have gotten such a high level of aluminum- it was 3x the max. normal amount.
Is your child vaxed? Mine is and I wonder if that could be a cause.'
I actually expected his mercury to be high, not aluminum. Bizzare.
Please let me know if you find anything out, and I will likewise!
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Yep, we've got allergies too.

I just wanted to discuss the licorice thing, it's not good to give to kids every day. It makes cortisol stay in the body, it's very stimulating, and can therefore ultimately deplete the adrenals. Talk to an herbalist before using, even if you're just talking about Panda licorice candy.......

So far it's eczema from nightshades, citrus, stone fruits, possible strawberries? Maybe the food we ate at BJ's (yes, I live in Eugene and we went to eat at a sulfite loaded chain restaurant. shoot me now.)

Oh yeah, is anyone else seeing a constipation connection with this allergy thing? Dd holds her poop for days, I have stooped to bribery ("yes, honey, we can blow some bubbles after you poop") When she is ready to poop, she says "Mom, go get the bubbles" It has really helped her want to go poo, so I guess it's OK.....
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yes...my 2 year old daughter is wheat, barley,rye, kamut,oat,dairy free.........and i am all of the above plus soy....we are pretty much vegan now but i feel so lathargic,i'm all limp and have no muscle i try to combine the complete protiens we occationally eat fish but feel so guilty when i do but what do i do when our only option to replace meat is out(soy)??? should i start feeding us organic meat????? does anybody know how to build the body's tolerance to these foods faster???help:
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Mommabuttercup... I have been chelating my son for toxic metals for over a year.

What type of information are you looking for? I can point you in the right directions to begin your search.
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Yes, the allergies are strong possibility being related to vaccines and dental amalgams (silver fillings!) There is a perservative in vaccines called thermarosol wich is almost 50% mercury by weight. By the time your baby is 2 years old he/she has had over 100 times more mercury in their body by vaccines than what the EPA says is safe.

You are looking in the right direction!!!!

Also, heavy metals are in childrens sleepware, betting, cook ware, cans, soil.

For example:

Antimony is high in many children. Antimony is a flame retardant found in pajamas, mattresses (children breath the toxins nightly) and is found in carpets.

Alunimum is also usually high in many children with these types of problems. Alunimum is also found in vaccines. Do you use alinum pans?

Arsenic is a wood perservative used for decking. Very commonly used as a bug sprey close to golf cources and orcherds.

Lead is another common problem. Lead is in the soil leftover from days of leaded gasoline. It is also in many home older than 10 years old. It is used for copper piping and paint.

There are ways to eliminate metals from children ranging from a drug called DMSA or Alpha Lipioc Acid (0ver the counter) to several herbs. One of which is cilantro. But that is unrealible due to the varying strengths in plants.

Any of these ways requires monitoring the child with blood tests, liver panels, kidney panels, urine and stool tets. Many, many suppliments are administered to help the body function better during this lengthy process.

There is NO quick solutions or easy way to chelate. It is risky, but with my son, the benefits to his health are far outweighing the risks.

Ask your questions. I will answer the best I can or point you to places to get better help.

I wish you all luck and much succes.
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For those of you who have gotten a hair analysis... What lab did you use? I only use Doctors Data labs. Some people who are chelating use Great Plains. Both are very reputable.

You can't really tell about the mercury in those, because within 60 days of exposure mercury has bound itself into the brain, gut, and liver. It is NOT like other metals which circulate in the blood.

Did you receive an "essential elements profile"? You can really tell about mercury from the way the other "good metals" are distributed.

If so, post results. I can do a premilary read. I understand the graphing. I need to know all essential elements/amounts/ranges/which color code they fall into.

I know many web sites whith people who can help.
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Ingvar... I'd suggest to look into enzymes which will help the body breakdown these food better.


We use the enzyme complete with great results. Expensive - but well worth.
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Hi thanks for the info...
Ethan is getting HerbPharm Cilantro and Eclectic Dandelion/ MilkThisle (oregon Grape, red root) for spport of elimination organs.
I have been begging my dh to tear out the carpet, and looks like next couple weeks we will.
Our hair analysis came from Doctors Data. I figured out how to read it and a lot of his minerals are out of wack. Like Vandium high and Boron low. Sodium was low too. We also live near almond and walnut orchards that are sprayed often. It sucks! believe me I am on the phone with the county ag comm, I found out all the pesticdes that are sprayed. I dont know what fertilizers are sprayed. We plan on moving by the 1st of Jan 2003. We just are not in the situation right now to leave. Thank you so much for all of your help. This is our lives goal to get our babies healthy!!!
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I too went through a period of complete lethargy. I didn't get out of my pj's or leave the house for a year! I was soy, wheat, dairy, gluten, goat, citrus, nut, seed, apple, carrot, kiwi, banana, egg free. Because of my son's severe allergies I was exclusively breastfeeding until he was a year old. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. Then, finally I went to the naturopath and I swear she saved me from utter collapse. She suggested I take B12 liver supplements. If you are okay with a liver supplement I highly recommend it. Within a week I was feeling SOOOO much better. A couple of companies make it and it is available through your naturopath. The one I have is called 'Vitamin B-12 Capsules' with non medicinal liquid liver extract and siberian ginseng, made by Enzymatic Therapy. My son was fine with it and I didn't notice any changes in him after taking two capsules a day. Hope this helps.
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I just posted in the diaper rash thread but it is ooking like my baby might have allergies....we're going straight breast milk till we can figure things out...she's 11 mos....

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