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Lets post our favorite book titles about this subject, either adult books or childrens books.

I am currently reading this one.
Motiba's Tatoos by Mira Kamdar

It's about an American woman whose father is from India and mother has strong Scandanavian roots. She grew up in the US but was made very familiar with her Indian roots. In this book she traces her grandmother's line back to rural India and all that goes with it.

Delving into the history of Motiba-the Gujarati word for grandmother-she follows the family's emigration from feudal India to Bombay where, in the city's Art Deco movie houses, they are introduced to postwar American life-Hollywood-style. Kamdar's father's journey to the U.S. in the '50s marks the beginning of the family's great westward Indian migration, and their subsequent struggle with multiethnic identity in postmodern California.
The other one I have is Stealing Buddha's Dinner by Bich Minh Nguyen. I haven't read it yet but here's the link to it.

Nguyen was just eight months old when her father brought her and her sister out of Vietnam in 1975. The family relocated in Michigan, where young Bich (pronounced "bit") wrestled with conflicting desires for her grandmother's native cooking and the American junk food the "real people" around her ate. The fascination with Pringles and Happy Meals is one symptom of the memoir's frequent reliance on the surface details of pop culture to generate verisimilitude instead of digging deeper into the emotional realities of her family drama, which plays out as her father drinks and broods and her stepmother, Rosa, tries to maintain a tight discipline.