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Orange County, NC mom (Hillsborough)

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I am looking for some like minded mamas in Northen Orange county NC. I am pretty crunchy, consensual living mama here in Northen Orange county. Perhaps even get together for playdates.

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Im kinda of in your neck of the woods, Im a good 45 minutes away, Im on the border of VA/NC on the lake. Been in the area since september. I would look in the Triangle. there seems to be a lot of AP moms in that area. However, Im always up for drive...
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cutekid, are you on the Chapel Hill/Durham Alternative Parenting yahoo group? That's a good place to meet folks. How old are your kids? I haven't been going to the CHDAP playdates lately since both my kids are in school now, but there was a good group going in the summer. Not sure how the winter groups are faring, but sign up for the group and find out!

There are tons of crunchy moms in H-boro. Not sure they're all MDC moms, but I bet a bunch are. Lots of people will probably be away from their computers right now with the holidays, but post again after the holidays and you might get more replies.

oh, btw, I'm in Chapel Hill.
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I'm a northern orange county soon to be mom. I actually live about 30 minutes away now but Hillsborough/Cedar Grove is my homebase. There are lots of great families (crunchy, AP, CD, all that good stuff) in the area - when it gets nicer out I'm sure you'll see lots at Last Friday and hanging around the new weaver street market.
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Thanks ladies. I have been living here in the Rougemont area. Rougemont is closer to Cedar Grover than Hillsborough.

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I'm in Roxboro at least once a week. My daughter goes to gymnastics.
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Hooray!!! I'm so happy to see all this info on hillsborough...my H and I are getting ready to move in the spring (April/May) and we are really looking into Hillsborough....so hopefully I'll be there soon too! We are AP parents with a 5 yo girl and a 2 yo boy...I'll PM if/when we find a place to live....
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I am just happy to see some like minded moms in the area. I was beginning to think I was alone.

Have any of you been on the Herb Walks in Down Town Hillsborough. I went...and it was great fun. I might do another this spring to meet more people..since the time I went I was the only one.

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Let me know when that is and we can do a meetup
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Originally Posted by hkowell1 View Post
Let me know when that is and we can do a meetup
Every Spring, Summer, and Fall a local herbalist has herb walks in Down Town Hillborough. THe walks take about an 1.5hours and he shows those participating both edible "weeds" and medicinal herbs and he shares some info on how to prepare them.
When I see an advertisement for one, he said he doesn't start them until after the Spring Equinox though...I will let you know.
After having lived in the Mountains, and meeting so many arm chair herbalists I was very suprised to see that anyone in this area had that sort of knowledge.

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Me, me!! We're in H-borough, and I have a car hating 2 year old (and an almost 5 year old who likes the car LOL), so it is hard for me to drive to CH/Durham/Raleigh to meetup with other crunchy-leaning parents. I'm forever saying to DH that I'd love to form some kind of meetup/playgroup/hangout with moms in the area. I adore all of the mamas in Raleigh, Durham and CH, but with working around naps and having a car hating babe and late-rising children, it isn't always convenient to drive 30-45 mins each way.

PM me if you see this. I haven't done the herb walks but would love to!
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I hear ya. I would love to go to the LLL meetings and what not to meet some moms but its just too much driving. I don't mind a 30min drive but for me the Triangle is a bit over an hour! How far is Roxboro for you mommies?
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