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He's still so little!

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Anyone else have a slow gainer? Lucien will be 6 weeks on Thursday and is still under 7 lbs. He's getting longer, but he's still so small!
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how big was he at birth? was he premature? 6 weeks and less then 7 lbs sounds really small to me, what has your MD said about it?
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Sometimes I wish he was becuase my back and arms ache! LOL! SPencer is a little over 13 pounds already, he's a chunker!!
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OP, I apologize for butting in; I'm not in your DDC, saw this post in the new post listings. Being so close to birth weight 6 weeks out is not normal; have you considered having an LC do before and after bf'ing weights? To me it sounds like it could indicate a supply problem, and if not then perhaps there is something else going on that needs to be addressed. FWIW my daughter was below her birth weight at 6 weeks out (like your son, she was getting longer though!) and I started supplementing then... she is still nursing now, and about to turn two... so supplementing doesn't have to be the end of the world.
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sorry, yes he is getting longer and his head is getting bigger. We weighed him this morning and he's about 7 lb 2 oz. now. He was about 5 lb 15 oz at birth. He nurses every two hours, but does get supplements during growth spurts.
Theres no concern, hes just a slow gainer. We've seen my doc and spoken with a LLL leader.
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Sorry, my chunk of a daughter just measured in at 25.5" long and almost 14lbs.

How about we trade for awhile?
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DD1 didn't get back to her birth weight until almost 6 weeks. Now she is 30 lbs, 35 inches at almost 2 years old.

DD2 however is already getting big. She is almost 12 lbs already.
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I have a friend that had a baby at the same time as my DS and she was a really slow gainer in the beginning- friend had a breast reduction and there were maybe some supply issues- MW told her as long as she was gaining and not losing she was fine and today they are both 2 and her daughter is the same size as my son. I hear as long as they double their birth weight by 6 months their is no cause for alarm and he started little so if he gained over 2 lbs by 6 weeks he seems fine. Good Luck
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i wish my chunk-a-monk was still small!
she is almost 12 lbs at 8 weeks and she was 6lbs. 6oz at birth.
she is almost double her birth weight already, and i tell you my back feels it!
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Tiny baby here! Meadow was 5lb9oz at birth, and now at 8 weeks old is around 7lbs12oz. She is just tiny! I have been worried even though she nurses plenty and has plenty of wet diapers. At her 2 month appt, the doctor was very reassuring. Meadow is in the 5th percentile for breastfed girls, so she's small, but she's growing. As long as Lucien is eating and growing, it'll be fine! I kind of like having such a tiny baby - she's so dainty and cute!
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I also want to add that I was a tiny baby like Meadow (we were the same weight at birth), and now I'm 5'9", so you never know!
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yeah, i'm 5 foot and gained like crazy when i was little, and my cousin was in the 5th percentile when she was a baby and is now almost 6 ft.
so, i dont think the charts have a lot to do with how you end up. babies just grow at different rates, if he is gaining weight then i'm sure he is fine. as long as he isnt losing, you know?
i wish my baby was tiny, she especially looks huge when i am carrying her because she is now HALF of my height!
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