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Wall-E (remote control): There's no volume control and it's LOUD.
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Poison plastic gifts were my most annoying. SIL gave DS1 a colorful plastic plate that was obviously USED--scratches and some food still on it! Sure, props for recycling, but come on! My other SIL gave DS1 a cheap foam puzzle w/ too many pieces (hello, choking hazard for baby!!) and two soft plastic personalized cups. The baby got his own MIC sippy. Ugh!! These annoying gifts were made doubly annoying b/c they were from people who had agreed--both on the phone and via email--not to exchange gifts! So I get the guilt of not having gotten their kids something plus the guilt of getting rid of the things they sent.
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My DH gave me an ice cream kit. It has mug big enough to fit a pint of ice cream and says on the side "May the Rocky Road rise up to meet you." I had expressed an interest when I saw it in a Irish themed catalog but it turned out to be huge. I never eat that much ice cream and DH knows it. I usually put my ice cream in a tiny glass cup with a handle. That's all he got for me. It might have been a cute secondary gift but not an only gift. I tried to make nice noises when I opened it but DH knew I was disappointed.

DD did okay with presents on Christmas. Nothing too scary. Her birthday was yesterday and the relatives are coming over on New Year's Day for her party so it isn't over yet.
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Originally Posted by Masel View Post
DD did okay with presents on Christmas. Nothing too scary. Her birthday was yesterday and the relatives are coming over on New Year's Day for her party so it isn't over yet.
I know what you mean. DD's Birthday is coming up on the 11th. We have 3 sets of grandparents (we still have yet to do christmas with one set - that's this weekend) and then the next weekend is DD's Birthday. Woot...
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my dad and step mom got ds (7 mos) a toy cell phone that makes all kinds of noises and a plastic "book" that sings and talks and annoys the crap out of me ... the book makes ds cry he also got a singing christmas bear and a teddy ruxpin :

my mother respected my wishes and got him some great wooden toys!
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It's really too bad that the toxic parents thread can not be posted too during this week. LOL

I got an unexpected "package" on my dining room table during the night after Christmas.

My mom's dog got sick (Both kind of ways) She did clean it up and then she put the plastic bag tied up on the dining room table but nobody knew it until I started clearing the table aftewards. Luckily it was right next to her and my stepdad's plate. That's the only funny part of this my stepdads plate and hers were touching the "misplaced" baggie. I thought of the dogdoo/garbage disposal story and thought you'd all want to know even tho it's not Christmas.

The dog continued to be sick the rest of the night. 4 x.She yelled at my child to pick up the barfing dog and move him to the tile and that's where I lost it and yelled at her that it was her dog and it was dangerous for my 10 year old to touch it while it was sick. It could snap. It's just gross. It's HER dog :Puke

Then the woman blamed my son for leaving the bag on the table instead of saying "oh I'm so sorry." She blamed my son who I am pretty sure got nowhere near the baggie. He won't even clean up after OUR dog.

I spent all day Sunday steamcleaning my carpets and did 3 loads of towels and then she brought over her soiled dog blankets and was mad I threw away the plastic bag they came in!

What I've gained from this...my "wise-mind" is pretty smart and I should listen to it. This was a baaaad idea.

My real present has not arrived yet. Fuming. :

Someone else is hostessing next time. Last time we got together was 10 years ago. It would suit me fine if it was 10 more years. LOL
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Originally Posted by mags View Post
I understand how annoying it is to have a big, huge toy like that. BUT, my kids played with that toy at my friend's house over the summer (she usually keeps it in her basement, but put it outside for a summer fun day) and they LOVED it (3 and 4 yr old, it was the most popular toy at the party).
I second this! My kids have it (we bought it for them) and they love it. It is probably the most played with toy in the house and has been the whole time we have had it (3-4 years). My DS skateboards off of it, makes ramps with it, they go backwards down it, they go down it standing up, they use it for their cars and trains, etc. It always amazes me the number of creative ways they find to play with it! Even the older kids always play with it when they come over so I don't envision us getting rid of it anytime soon.
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We did pretty well. DD got a Bratz doll, which doesn't thrill me, but it's not as over-the-top as some I've seen. DD loves it, and I'm not going to take her "dolly", so I guess we're stuck with it, at least for a while. She also got a "virtual pet" from the same person, and she loves that, too. I suspect she'll get bored with that, though - then we can get rid of it. If not, we'll just make sure she doesn't spend all her time with it.
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I'm trying to be grateful for this gift but at the same time I'm rather irked about it. It's a beautifully made (by FIL) changing table/dresser/wardrobe for their first grandchild. *sigh*

I know I've mentioned to them that I did not want a changing table more than once. I would have loved a dresser/wardrobe combo that was tall and narrow. Instead we have a short and wide piece of furniture that we have to rearrange our entire bedroom to accommodate!

My MIL kept going on and on about how it was a good thing we have a large bedroom. Um, yeah, in this house, what about when we move this summer! Nevermind that it's already filled with furniture. Nevermind that the piece of furniture that FIL made for us the last time got placed in the mudroom even though MILs intention was that it go in the bedroom too!

Sorry, bit of a rant there.
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Originally Posted by natty529 View Post
my dad and step mom got ds (7 mos) a toy cell phone that makes all kinds of noises and a plastic "book" that sings and talks and annoys the crap out of me ... the book makes ds cry he also got a singing christmas bear and a teddy ruxpin :
Haha, similar experience w/ my 7 mo old, except it was a Leapfrog toy that has songs, colors, shapes, letters, and numbers--in two languages. For a 7 month old.
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Originally Posted by bremen View Post

Note to self: institute a rule against dolls that creep mommy out.
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Out of Step with the Mainstream? Communication, and the Joy of Giving vs. the Pain of Receiving

Just stirring the pot here...

Do you think that WE (generally more crunchy types, Mothering readers, perhaps more educated/informed than the general population) are pickier than most parents? Or are most families glad to receive lots of noisy, plastic, foam, gender stereotyped (etc....) toys? I know that some of the gifts listed here such as the wooden changing table, the dog barf, and our satanic scarf don't quite fit that bill, but there are general trends in this thread in what is not wanted. If we are out of step with what mainstream families want (and I'm not really sure what that is) what can we do to enhance our communication with family members without being rude? I have mostly gotten the message through to my own mother (tho' not to her husband's innumerable relatives) but I have said to DH innumerable times that i truly wish his relatives would buy us NOTHING at all b/c everything they select is either completely inappropriate or bombs out in some other way, but he says that we can't deprive them of the joy of giving. Holiday donations to charity just don't have any tradition here (Czech Republic), nor do gift certificates, and in any case, MIL is on a tight budget and most likely doesn't want to reveal what she spends. ("Quality time together" is also out of the question - our interactions with these people are stiff, almost ritualistic - centered around food and not any other activity, and they rarely stir from their apartments.)
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Bohomama, I've been wondering the same thing. To me, the frustrating thing is that MIL was a kindergarten teacher for AGES (she just retired) and has had WHOLE CONVERSATIONS with me where SHE was ranting about how children don't know how to play with toys that don't make noise anymore and how horrible it is that they have no imagination because all of their toys make the noises for them.... and yet... pretty much EVERYTHING she buys makes tons of noise.

My explanation: She must go into some sort of *shopping haze* when she's out there and just thinks whatever it is is a good idea anyway. I have to believe that that's what "they" WANT because stores spend tons and tons of money on research into store set-ups, etc, you know? Even advertising on each toy is carefullly planned. I've caught myself in such shopping hazes, too, so I know that it's probably very common. You know, when you go to the store looking for something and you come out with things you didn't want?
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Originally Posted by mamadebug View Post
DS (4) got a giant, plastic Storm Trooper (Star Wars) head that makes commands in a super creepy voice when you press the buttons. Aside from being plastic and battery operated, it is not appropriate for his age, super big, and, after you press the buttons a few times, I don't get how a kid would really play with it.
My son got that...from a fellow MDCer. Her son is soooo into Star Wars. Mine isn't but likes the hat. I figure it will end up in a closet pretty soon. At least I can hope. Then, I'll definitely donate it. It is big, though. Really, really big. And creepy.
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Originally Posted by bremen View Post
her name is "lovely lola"
oh, come on, you don't want your dd playing with a miniature prostitute dolly?
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Lovely Lola??????? She IS creepy!!! TOTALLY!
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I am normally not picky at all, our family has been blessed with some generous gifts this year (, but today I was going through putting away the girls' clothes and took a second look at the sweatshirts my uncle/aunt bought DD2 (which, BTW, we were very thankful for the warm clothes!), one of them has a monkey with chocolate all over its face and says "Do I look like I know where the chocolate is?!"

DD2 is horribly allergic to chocolate. Even through breastmilk (shes obviously never had it direct, shes only 6mo), she was covered head to toe with hives and had blood in her stool.

now granted, she is allergic to a lot of things and maybe they just didn't even think of it, maybe they thought of their own kids and how cute the little monkey on the shirt was.....but honestly, we only see them once every few months and my thought after seeing it again today was "wow they must just not even know us"

So really in the grand scheme of things it wasn't a huge deal, I'll return it to KMart for a different sweatshirt, but it was just one of those ironic things. In humor though I showed it to DH and said "gee, I don't think Liberty would look like that if she got into chocolate!!"
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Each of my daughters received Barbie-style dolls from my MIL; both look like streetwalkers with their thigh-high dresses and one of them, I swear to G-d, has knee-length fishnet leggings.

To make it worse, one smells like (fake) strawberry and the other like (I think) ice cream.

I'm 8+ months pregnant and the smell of the dolls makes me go BLEAAAAGGHHHH!

She also got one Color Wonder paint set and one Color Wonder book...for a 5yo and a 3yo to SHARE.

And even though we try to tend more toward dresses and skirts here and more "girly" clothes in general, every.single.year, when the girls get clothes, both of my ILs (we have remarrried parents and such) buy them the trashiest, low cut, glitter-and-spangle covered jeans they can possibly find. I swear they do it on purpose. Who on earth buys sweats that say "CHEER" on the butt for a five year old? (why should she have anything on her butt?)

Huff huff rant rant, oh well, I shouldn't complain, they're trying at least. But I also hate it when someone says, "What should I buy your children?" and you point them toward Magic Cabin and Harmony and such, and they end up going to places like KayBee and Wal Mart anyway. I mean, if you're not going to bother even checking on what I told you, why bother asking?

To add to the fun, the newest baby will be a girl too...*sigh*....:
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She also got one Color Wonder paint set and one Color Wonder book...for a 5yo and a 3yo to SHARE.
Ok, we got a couple things of colorwonder markers/paintbrushes and one (thin) notebook of colorwonder paper. I'm frustrated because it seems to me that it's just asking us to spend our money on the darn paper or toss the (still perfectly good) markers. I asked for art supplies ... apparently this counts? Urg. I would have preferred some regular markers, or paints, or or or.... anything that could have been used on regular paper. Washable is good... specified (expensive) paper? no.

And worst is, DD doesn't even seem to like it that much because it's hard to see what you're drawing when you draw it ... takes the colors a few seconds to come up. *sigh*
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