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Originally Posted by ChristyMarie View Post
A day early but I'm sure some of us have already received surprise packages in the mail.

From estranged MIL/FIL: a TEN FOOT LONG "up and down roller coaster" that DS would ride on. I haven't opened it yet but this thing looks huge. Where the heck am I going to put it? Isn't this something you should ask about first?

Plus, this is the first year he's aware of Christmas so Santa is giving him a train table and we're giving him a kitchen. I don't want a third huge toy to steal our thunder so we're storing it for a month or so.
umm. . . . my kids love this. I found one used on Craigs List when they were 2 years old - my older DS loves it too. Here we are . . . . 2 years later . . and still a favorite. If you just can't stomach it - sell it on Craigs List. Its an expensive toy - $100 I think? Sell it to some family who will love it and give 'em a $50 or $60 deal - it'll sell right away . . . .or keep it and I bet your kids will love it!
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Originally Posted by BohoMama View Post
Just stirring the pot here...

Do you think that WE (generally more crunchy types, Mothering readers, perhaps more educated/informed than the general population) are pickier than most parents? Or are most families glad to receive lots of noisy, plastic, foam, gender stereotyped (etc....) toys? I know that some of the gifts listed here such as the wooden changing table, the dog barf, and our satanic scarf don't quite fit that bill, but there are general trends in this thread in what is not wanted. If we are out of step with what mainstream families want (and I'm not really sure what that is) what can we do to enhance our communication with family members without being rude? I have mostly gotten the message through to my own mother (tho' not to her husband's innumerable relatives) but I have said to DH innumerable times that i truly wish his relatives would buy us NOTHING at all b/c everything they select is either completely inappropriate or bombs out in some other way, but he says that we can't deprive them of the joy of giving. Holiday donations to charity just don't have any tradition here (Czech Republic), nor do gift certificates, and in any case, MIL is on a tight budget and most likely doesn't want to reveal what she spends. ("Quality time together" is also out of the question - our interactions with these people are stiff, almost ritualistic - centered around food and not any other activity, and they rarely stir from their apartments.)
Well I have BEGGED my crappy gift givers to not exchange gifts and they disregard it.

I think the trouble w/ modern gift giving in general is that stuff is so cheap we all buy whatever we want. Hence if we haven't bought it, it's pricey, so we wouldn't expect someone else to buy it either. I wouldn't expect a WalMart shopper to shop for us at Magic Cabin--I'd rather exchange good wishes than junk I'll throw away. But some people think gifts are a mandatory part of the season.
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MIL was great last Christmas about following our Kaboodle list. This year, however, she completely dismissed it. She actually said to DP, "I don't like anything on the list," as if we picked the items with her interests in mind?!?

I was utterly appalled/insulted while opening her presents, mainly because in the last 2-3 years she has always listened to our wishes and respected them, albeit begrudgingly. This Christmas her gifts were so disappointing.

Baby Alive
You can see in my expression how irked I was!!

Mermaid Barbie, which of course DD was thrilled about. It took all we could to set it aside and promise to "open it later." Of course I returned it to Target later. We have a strict no-Barbie rule here. Also, she's only 2!!

A set of Hello Kitty books. I'll admit, I was the one who started the Hello Kitty thing. I used to be a big Sanrio junkie. I even have a Hello Kitty sewing machine. But I have since gotten over that phase, and try to avoid any character-themed toys, not to mention crappy Sanrio stuff which is all cheaply made but expensive, and plastic to boot. However the relatives still get her HK stuff all the time. At least they were just books, so kept them... though I really hate them!

Finally, going with the Hello Kitty theme, she also got this Japanese bunny dress up set:
It's cute, but still a made-in-China character toy with cheap, polyester/acrylic materials. The house is made of this horrible fabric that feels like acrylic felt and makes my fingers feel icky. DD of course LOVES it and played with it almost every day for about a week, until I cleaned her room and put it on top of the bookshelf. Since then, she hasn't mentioned it. Out of sight, out of mind!!! Anyway, it cost over $100 so if she doesn't play with it again for awhile, I'll probably try to Ebay it. I hate to be so quick to sell something that her aunt obviously spent a lot on, and genuinely thought that we would like, but it's just too synthetic for me.
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Why would somebody give you a tiny little prostitute?

BTW, my dd's name is Lola, so I find that especially repulsive.
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My kids haven't gotten their grandparents gifts yet, but they're on their way, I know. The only truly irritating thing (that I know of ) that's coming is Barbie dolls. Which isn't so bad in and of themselves, but I SPECIFICALLY asked that they not be given as gifts anymore, that we were moving away from them, and they were bought for the simple fact that I said that. Kind of a slap in the face. So, yeah, I'm ticked, but I haven't decided what to do yet.
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You can vote for Baby Alive as the worst toy in 2008.
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Originally Posted by pammysue View Post
You can vote for Baby Alive as the worst toy in 2008.
Honestly, although Baby Alive is creepy, there are a lot worse toys out there.

I like the TRUCE list a lot.
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Originally Posted by pammysue View Post
You can vote for Baby Alive as the worst toy in 2008.
HAHAHAHAHAHA... thank you. the descriptions on that were great I can't decide which to vote for, though... the stationary bike seemed pretty bad... and the cowboys cheerleader barbie...
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Okay, I just voted for the Cheerleader Barbie. :Puke
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Wow. That was a tough choice. All those toys are so bad in their own ways that it made it difficult to choose just one loser.
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