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Still in shock....

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Well I still can't believe that I am pregnant. I have 4 biological children and a step son so this will be our last baby. I have 4 boys and a girl and I would like to get another girl but I am happy with either gender. What a wonderful Christmas present!!
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Congrats!!! This is truly the best Christmas present ever.
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Welcome to the group!!
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Congrats AmyIrene! Looking forward to getting lots of great advice from you and the other fabulous multips out there.

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May your Christmas be even better...Congrats
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NOT in your DDC but wanted to tell you that my DH is so very close, 20+ years later to the sister who is 13 years his junior (a girl) so just a happy thought that your 15 year old may (like my DH did) roll his eyes re: a new baby, but someday he'll be that baby's biggest fan in life, other than you of course
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Congrats!!! Welcome to the group!
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I have had 3 betas done so far and my numbers are good so I am getting an ultrasound on Jan 8th. I have found that my morning sickness is bearable unless I take my prenatal and then I just feel like crap. I don't know if I can keep taking it.
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