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I "gave it a try" for 3 months and now it's been 10 years! - Page 2

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Wow...That is all I can say. I am in awe of you. Those children of yours are so blessed to have such a wonderful, strong and nurturing Mama like you. I can only aspire to have the nursing relationship you have with your children, with my own son.

I am so thankful to come on here and get support for breastfeeding. No one in my life breastfeeds currently, and those who have bf only did for a short amount of time. I have learned so much through all the stories here, and have gotten enough encouragent to know that it is normal and healthy to keep on nursing until he is ready to be weaned.

Thanks for being an inspiration Mama (and all the others on here)!!! Congrats on 10 years!!! :
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What an accomplishment! Great job on "giving it a try!"
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Congrats! I remember reading your posts when you only had 3 children and was surprised to see you now have five! I have been nursing for over 6 years myself. My son wasn't breastfed but my oldest daughter nursed until she was 5 and that included 21 months of tandem nursing. My youngest daughter is now almost 3 and still going strong. If she goes to 5 years as well it will be a total of 8 years straight. We are done having kids so I'm not going to catch up to you! LOL
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Wow, amazing job!! I am in absolute awe!!

I never got to tandem nurse--my two nurslings weaned during my subsequent pregnancy. All together I get 8 years and a bit... my youngest is still nursing at 3 years 4 months, and I hope he goes for a bit longer.
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Thanks, everyone! It's funny because it's a normal (yet still very special) part of my day to be nursing children. I feel very blessed to have spent the last 10 years nursing children and look forward to a few more years before my youngest weans.

A friend asked me how long it would be if I took each child individually ... 22.5 years and counting!
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good job mama!

my dd will be 6 in a month and a half, and i *think* she is finsihed nursing now

you probably know how that goes. ds was just over 5 when he weaned for good.
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Wow! You should write a book! You are an inspiration...
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There are a few quotes from me and my "mother's story" (from when I had only 3 kids and was triandem nursing for the firest time) and even a tiny picture of me tandem nursing in the "perch" position in Adventures in Tandem Nursing by Hilary Flower.
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my eyes are brimming with tears I'm so happy to have read your post
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Awesome Awesome Awesome. How encouraging!
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That is great momma!! I've been nursing for 6 years, I'm currently preggo with #6 and my oldest (6) is still nursing. Its been a great adventure and my children and I have a great bond!
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Wow, that is the most amazing thing I have ever heard. Good for you! You make me proud!!!!!!

So your seven year old..... lol... even for CLW I think seven is a long time. Mind you my four year old who will be five in April doesn't show any sign of stopping, so who knows, in two years I could be you!!!

Again, great job!
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You are amazing. I love to BF and I never want to stop...I love the emotional rush it gives me. Thanks for the post!!!
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thanks for the wonderful post

It is so wonderful to see posts that are CLW and such a wonderful story about your family.

Wish more could be like you all :
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Very impressive mama! Thanks so much for sharing your story.
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many congrats at kudos to you! what a wonderful gift you've given your family!
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That is amazing! I am totally impressed!
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That is amazing!!!!! My ds is 18 mos old and I was actually thinking of letting him go without during the day and not pushing it at night. I have now changed my mind about that and want to keep it going as long as possible. Thank you for being so motivating. I wish all moms would "give it a try" like you have.

Again -

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How amazing! I have 5+yrs under my belt now. When I think about the number, it seems so long, but it feels like yesterday. When I think about the experience, I am amazed and feel so proud of my body to have provided so much for my children. I don't know how long our newest addition will nurse for, but it is inspiring to read your story and know that I could have 10yrs under my belt one day.
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You're awesome Amanda. :
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