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I "gave it a try" for 3 months and now it's been 10 years! - Page 3

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What a great story. : (And happy birthday to your eldest!)
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Congratulations! I, personally, imagine myself being tired of nursing at that point so you are an absolute super hero IMO!!!
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You are amazing!

What a wonderful mother you are. Your kids are blessed to be yours.
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That's awesome!! I quickly weaned my 2 yo when I was pg b/c it drove me crazy and I didn't want to tandem nurse, (I try not to feel too guilty about it, she weaned very easily, I didn't do much but suggest it) and here you are a tritandem nursing queen!! That's great! Congrats to you!!!
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I sounded just like you before DD1 was born. I wasn't sure I wanted to nurse at all, but a couple friends who were pg at the same time as me talked me into "giving it a try" and DD1 ended up being the last of the three kids to wean. I don't have 10 years under my belt, but 6+ years when I never thought I'd go six weeks isn't all bad. Congrats to you on 10 years or should I say 22.5 years!!! WOW!!
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bowing down

So impressive mama!

You are a goddess, at least!!!
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There are very few of us that get to breastfeed for a combined total of 10 years! When my oldest was born in 1979 I would have laughed if you told me I would quit my job, give up my career, have 3 children and breastfeed for 10 years (and liked it). I've only known one mother that nursed longer and she nursed 11 years.
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What an inspiration you are!
Thank you for sharing your story, : you are such an awesome Mama!!!!
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Congrats! I'm not even up to 6 years in a row myself yet. Nursling #3 isn't born yet though so we'll see how long we go. (Nursling #2 is still nursing but the first child weaned right before 5 years old). I remember the early days with #1 considering switching to formula every single day for the first three months. Thank goodness it got easier!
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Wow! That's amazing! What an inspiration you are! Congratulations!
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You are amazing hun! - You rock!...Well done!
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Originally Posted by mom2threenurslings View Post
And here I am, triandem nursing for the third time - with five children from 10 years old to 10 months old and I've been nursing for 10 years straight. I find it amazing that I've come so far and that this breastfeeding journey, that I was at first so unsure of, has been wonderful, blissful, amusing, and too amazing to do it justice with words.
I just posted about how I've been nursing for 4.5 yrs straight (and how tired I am - ha, you've got another 5.5 yrs on me!)... I was looking for encouragement to continue, and your post really helped me. Thanks for sharing your story.
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You are truly an inspiration and a testament to what the female body is intended to do! What dedication!!
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good for you!! i'm currently nursing my 4 yo and 16 mo. i *think* i might want one more child (dh says "now way"), but wonder about triandem nursing. dd (4yo) nurses 5-6 times a day and of course the little guy is right there, too. ds nurses more often but dd actually nurses for longer periods of time. she is very attached to nursing. she starts kindergarten in sept. and i'm sure there will be a drop in frequency bc we will be apart for 7 hours each day (!). i'm hoping that she will want to nurse when she gets off the bus as a way to reconnect. this may sound crazy, but i can't even imagine what it will be like when she weans. just thinking about it gives me anxiety. i know every child weans, and i will (have to) be ready when she is, but i can't even bring myself to talk about weaning with her. i mean, she has no idea what the word even means.
'sigh', i just needed to get that out. this is probably one of the only places i can talk about these things without sounding like a total freak. :
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