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Originally Posted by frogger View Post
pics of mad's hair here
Good memories. I, personally, think she makes a darn tootin cute pixie.

We have colds here at our place. Apparently the puking/runs of last weekend weren't enough. Ho hum.
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Aw Leslie, She looks adorable, but I'm sorry she lost her long lovely locks.
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Aw jenn, ruby started getting snotty/coughing today too. maybe it was something at airplay.
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Originally Posted by frogger View Post
pics of mad's hair here
OMG she looks exactly like Carson. And totally cute and feminine too - but I can totally see there resembalance now.

so sorry about the colds - you guys can't catch a break over there Hope you are all feeling better soon! Need any broth?
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Woulda totally if we had a sitter. We love that place! Hope you have fun!
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today totally kicked my ass. first of all, I haven't gotten much sleep the past two nights, so I was already tired. second, cliff has been working non-stop for two days on moving his hosting to a new location, which is both physical moving and a lot of re-configuration, so I've gotten zero help with the kids or the house. I decided it would be fun to take the girls to breakfast this morning and it was all but a complete disaster, as Amelia cried in the restaurant, which was way too noisy anyway, and then Maddy cried and dragged her feet the whole way home--the hour and a half seven block walk home. Amelia actually fell asleep, woke up and cried, nursed some, went back to sleep, woke up and cried some more, and went back to sleep in the duration of the walk. Then I was just so tired and it seems Amelia never gets a true nap these days so I laid down with her and Maddy was getting into something but I figured whatever it was I could clean it up... I just wanted to nurse Amelia down. Turns out she was spilling permanent enamel paint on the floor, door, and some other stuff, that she had found in my unusable craft room that she had up until now ignored. Luckily it was still wet, but it had to be cleaned up immediately. She also peed all over the floor. I had to move a bunch of heavy stuff that Cliff had piled in there just to get the door closed. Then she went downstairs and pooped on her potty, the one success of the day. From there on out it was pee on the floor, another poop in the pants, another pee on the floor. I keep thinking of just putting her in diapers, and then when I'm about to buy some she turns around and does well so I don't, and then we have days like this again. Huge piles of laundry, Cliff's run out of pants, diaper service didn't bring enough this week, I can't walk in my freaking house with all these projects going on. I finally finished making dinner at around 9pm but by then I'd found other stuff to feed Maddy and I just wasn't hungry and Amelia needed to get to bed. I spent all my nursing time on facebook. I think I'm going to burn myself out on that within the week. And I'm nowhere near finishing knitting the sweater I'd wanted to finish for my birthday tomorrow. I'm not really expecting any fabulous birthday surprises. Cliff will be too tired and worried about our budget and it's probably too wet for a bonfire (anything that we would burn is too wet). So, like most days, I'll be surrounded by crying girls. They're beautiful and I love them but the constant crying from one or the other (mostly Maddy) or both is really getting to me.

All I really want for my birthday is Maddy's room finished so we can put all her stuff in there. This would get the boxes of bed parts out of the hallway and kitchen, most of the toys out of the livingroom, and all her stuff out of the craft room. I'm about ready to hire a babysitter and do it myself.

/end vent
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Originally Posted by cellarstella View Post
And just remember... some day, she'll have a 5 year old who wants pizza all the time.
I totally missed that earlier, it made me laugh out loud.

I'm so sorry you had a rough day...the men in the white coats would have had to come get me after that.
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I truly admire people with multiple children that are young, like babies. When at work, I think that it would be hard for me to have another child.....even if I was with someone. Working lately has reminded me how much work babies really are.
Then they do something really cute and I can't help but want another child someday.....
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Originally Posted by zeldabee View Post
I have thought of this, but she's pretty direct, generally. I'm thinking maybe it's a more subtle incompatibility, with her being further along on the crunchiness/politically radical curve. You know...vibrations from my tv /Burgerville/allopathic pharmaceutical drugs are polluting the pure air of the home, ideologically and/or spiritually. Or something. I'm sort of making that up, but I think there's a grain of truth to it.
doesn't she know that the *truly* radical circle around to the far side where almost anything goes? we call ourselves radical unschoolers. lol.
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I should have shared this earlier... Cliff got these vitamins, Super Bio-Vegetarian, from the naturopath that he takes whenever Maddy is getting sick. Before he got those things he was guaranteed to get sick whenever she did. The vitamins have really helped, decreasing the amount of times or the severity of getting sick. Since I hate when he gets sick, I push those vitamins on him! They're expensivish ($27 for 90 tb) but they aren't a daily, so I think they are worth it. I don't where you can find them other than Northwest Naturopathic Clinic... but they do have all the supplements up front and they do sell to non-patients. No good deals there, unfortunately. I'll probably shop around next time we need a new bottle. I t hink I can take them now... Dr. Bailey said they weren't good for pregnant women because of some ingredient.
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: Happy Birthday Laura!!! :
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Happy Birthday Laura!!!!!

Went to a party last night. Was fun, but we didn't get home until almost 11. Thankfully Jake slept until 9am this morning.

Today we're going to do a family nature walk. Looks like it will be a foggy one
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Originally Posted by lylawolf View Post
doesn't she know that the *truly* radical circle around to the far side where almost anything goes? we call ourselves radical unschoolers. lol.
Dude, this woman knows exactly where she is politically, believe me. I've spent much time in radical activist circles, I know this animal. (I say that with respect, and with acknowledgment that I've slacked with my own ideals somewhat, if only from sheer exhaustion.)

Oh, and radical unschooler she's not. On that score, I'm quite a bit further along the curve. I could see her coming to it, but she's not there now.
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Happy birthday, Laura!
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Happy Birthday Laura :::

And hugs for the difficult baby and toodler times. It is so nice when they are able to start playing together. These times are just really hard. Macey and Elliott pulled out the wooden swords and started playing on they're own together yesterday. They do this more and more these days. We had to collaborate a little playtime with the plane and Macey's little kitties and doggies earlier.
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Originally Posted by cellarstella View Post
Just once, I'd like to see Caillou tell Rosie "no, scissors are for big kids," and instead of that little laugh, she throws herself on the floor and screams bloody murder for the remainder of the show, while the mom and dad try to divert her and fail and eventually they make her lie down and she passes out asleep and everyone is exhausted and run out of patience and they have tater tots for dinner. Now there's a show I can relate to. Not that we've ever had tater tots for dinner :.
yeah that

sorry you had a **&&&y day yesterday. i know that feeling when you can hear something going on and just can't get to it and pray the damage isn't too awfully horrible. and sometimes it is! i hope your birthday today is a LOT better!!! happy birthday :

the pixie cut is adorable! my mom went on a geology field trip when i was about 3 and my grandma came to stay with me. i asked for scissors for paper dolls and cut my bangs off right at my forehead (not cute). i also cut the hair off my mom's betsy mccall dolls. bad news

i love the horse brass. hope you had fun

we had the puke bug about a month ago. ebin only barfed once but then had the runs for a week until i finally gave him a teensy bit of pepto to get his system back on track. it worked but i don't recommend it (reyes syndrome risk).

doug and i are both sick now from a sore throat/cold. we won't be going to the superbowl party we were planning on and i'm bummed. i like the food and friends...don't care about the game.
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happy birthday sweet laura! I hope your day is filled with peace, joy and a lot less poop/pee. I'd love to take you out for coffee sometime. xo xo
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: Laura. I hope you are having a better day today. And I say if Cliff doesn't get Maddy's room done today, you SHOULD hire a babysitter so that it just gets done!
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Poor Chase. He isn't throwing up anymore, but sure looks like he wants to from time to time. And he's so LISTLESS. Just lays there, no talking, not interested in food (but lots of nursing) and is now down for his second nap of the day. It sucks to see him like this. No fever, thank goodness, so we are just waiting it out for now.
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Happy Birthday Laura!!!

I hope everyone who is sick feels better soon.
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