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due 12/22, no internals but baby fully engaged and midwife's prediction on Monday that it would be within "a few days".

My kids are driving me nuts, my dad has already been and gone, my mom is staying on till Sunday only. So my major support plan has already fallen apart, and my parents had to spend boatloads of cash to change their tickets around. I'm hoping maybe with the hullabaloo of Christmas settling down maybe things will kick in.
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Nice to still have others in the same boat.. I have a feeling I will go overdue too.. I'm due 12/28... I'm dilated to a 3cm and been having a few off and on contractions since yesterday and losing chunky bits and my plug since yesterday too but no bloody show or anything..

Just waiting...... Good luck ladies!!
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I'm still here too. My EDD is 12/30 and my midwife estimated it to be 1/1 (she fudged the dates I know it). I'm ready to have a baby, but I don't know when it's going to start. I hope soon...
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I swear I posted to this thread yesterday.....

Still here 41+1. Crabby, fat, uncomfortbale, stretched out, and totally confused as to why this baby doesn't want OUT! Still breech, nothing's engaged, which I guess could be a good thing because s/he could still flip. Right? LOL.

On the bright side, we did end up going ot my mother's for Christmas dinner last night, which is generally a big drama fest, but it was like walking into a room with mother earth herself hanging over my waistband. EVERYONE wanted to touch the belly, rub the belly, talk to the belly, comment on how huge it was, of course (just as a frame of reference, I've gained 60 pounds, and usually weigh about 125#). We have one picture that I cannot WAIT to see- I laid on the floor, and everryone came and sat around me and put one hand on the belly, and we took the picture from above. Should be pretty cool. Anyhow, my most chesrished oved ones are in town for the next 10 days at least, so maybe that's what I was waiting for???
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I'm still here. 41 weeks today (due date was the 19th).
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I'm still here! EDD is Monday, 12/29 but who knows--this is my first so it could be whenever
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I'm still here.... :rollseyes

I'm better today, last night I had a full meltdown. But all is better today, I wanted the baby to stay inside for Christmas to have a special day with my son, who just fell asleep in his high chair. Gotta go. be back soon.
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I'm still here. Due Dec. 30 or Jan. 2 - take your pick.

I'm actually hoping for Jan baby, so I'm happy to still be pregnant.
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{{{{{huuggss}}}}}} ladies!!!

It's hard to stay positive at the very end at times.. It comes and goes for me.. Dh and I DTD this morning so maybe that will stir something up. I'm due in two days but based on my ovulation I'm really due in like 5 more days. So if it's Jan 1st, no biggie. I'm fine waiting, I just want the last days to be pleasant.

Dh is so excited he can't stand himself though. Right now as I type (with swollen feet!) he's cleaning house for me. Told me to relax. He's awesome. He wants it to happen this weekend. LOL

Stay strong ladies!!!!!!! Won't be too much longer! :
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It is indeed hard to stay positive. I'm due the 28th also. I'm doing housework and trying to keep my mind off how miserable I feel. I'm hoping my midwife will agree to maybe strip my membranes this weekend since nothing else I've done, including using a breast pump has done anything. I'm going to try to go on a walk with the girls today to see if that helps. Sending all of you a :
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I'm still waiting too.. will be 41 weeks tomorrow. I had an internal at my appointment on Tuesday and I was 1 cm and 50% effaced, haven't felt much all week so I wouldn't be surprised if I have to wait another week or so
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still here :

No signs that this little man is EVER coming out ! I was given 2 dates one of which is tomorrow, but I've never made it to my due date. With this being #4, I'm not sure why he's not here. I'm guessing it's because he's posterior ? I was on bedrest for 2 mos and now that he can come, he just won't and I'm soooooo D-O-N-E!

I'm here with all of you less patient ones and envying those who are content! I wish I could be enjoying what is the end of my last pregnancy!

Happy New Year!
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I'm still here too... EDD today, though my calculations put my EDD on the 18th.
Had an appt. today, NST was fine. OB said I'm "doing ok for someone who hasn't had a baby before, but not spectacular". What the heck is that supposed to mean? He said my cervix is soft and thinned out and I'm about 1 cm dilated, and he swept my membranes without asking me and I would've liked for him not to have, but I'm not going to stress about it.
The nurse I had today was a nurse midwife from England, and she can't practice midwifery here... Shame because she was so sweet, I think if she's there when I;m in labour I'll tell my doc to butt out and get her to deliver! haha, if only!
Anyways, I'm thinking maybe it'll hold off until january now. Hubby and I were doing all we could to go into labour before christmas, and had a few days of strong contractions... but nope. Now baby will come when my 10 houseguests anxiously awaiting babys arrival have all gone home! Probably for the better too!
So I send all you ladies-in-waiting happy birthing vibes and I hope you all get the labour you dreamed of when baby is good and ready to come out!
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I've been lurking on these forums for months and now that I'm 41 weeks, I'm coming out of the woodwork! If I don't have this baby today or tomorrow, I'm going back to work on Monday and I don't want to! I've pulled out the breast pump in a weak attempt. My midwife wants to do blue and black cohosh next week - she thinks that my normal gestation is 42 weeks (I had to be induced with DD, my first at 41+5 and with DS at 39+4 b/c of PROM). This is my first HB and I am so anxious to meet my LO!
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42 weeks and need labor vibes, please!!!

I hit 42 weeks officially tomorrow, and I'm really starting to hear the urgency in my midwives voices about being post-dates with the back- up docs.

I know they can't induce me or do a repeat c-section w/o my consent, but it's getting so stressful and I really want this baby to come. We are doing lots of natural things to help baby along, including having membranes stripped everyday at this point.

Please send me labor vibes! I so want to meet my little Benjamin now.
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I'm sorry that you're feeling pressured. I hate that there is such discontinuity amongst care professionals about what is & isn't "safe". My 2nd baby was born at 42w5d. Here, at least, there isn't that arbitrary "stopping point".

I'll be 42 weeks on Jan 1. We're not sure what we want, actually. If the baby waits til january, we'll be ahead of the game with our insurance deductible, though! But, the flip side isn't just a tax deduction - my parents come to town tomorrow and my mom (M.D.) is already scared enough about home birth - I don't need her feeling tense about being "late".


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{{{{{huuggss}}}}}} I'm sorry you are feeling so pressured for an induction. I've been there, I totally understand your frustration. Just remember it's your body and your decision! Only you know how much you can take! Good luck hun!
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I'm still here: 41w3d. I was starting to get really anxious but feeling better now. My mw was here yesterday. One of my big fears was having to be transferred to the hospital for induction if I want to induce around 42 weeks. Personally, I'm willing to monitor a little but I really don't want to go past 42 weeks. While I know for some women it just takes that long, I'm not comfortable with the risks past 42 weeks - the risk of induction vs of waiting seems to invert at that point. But my mw said she's never had to transfer to the hospital for an induction; she's had 100% success with home induction (sweeping membranes followed a few days later by castor oil if that doesn't work - only 1 tablespoon) if that's what we decide. But she's also comfortable waiting.

So we had her check me (first time) and my cervix was really soft but still long and posterior. She did a gentle sweep of just the right side because she thought the left side was still too tight and didn't want to risk breaking my water. But she thinks my cervix is already in good shape and that should help with the ripening and effacing. And the baby is in perfect position - perfectly anterior and lined up with the head fully engaged; that's just within the last week and she thinks that will help a lot too. So she thinks I'll probably go into labor on my own sometime in the next 3-4 days, which I'd be totally fine with. Had some show last night - mostly brown (which is more an exam result) but also some pink and red - and some more this morning. So I'm feeling pretty confident. If baby doesn't come by Mon night/Tues morning (when I'll be 41w6d) then we will talk about whether to try castor oil. Really trying to avoid that, though.

But I feel a lot more like I know my options and are comfortable with them and that's made me feel better. My partner started his paternity leave yesterday, which sucks in one way b/c we're using it before the baby comes but is great because I feel like I really need his support just as much now. And he doesn't have to go back until Jan 23rd so we still have plenty of time.

Good luck to everyone who is waiting.
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I did blue cohosh for 24 hours before Molly was born at 42w5. I also had spicy food and sex. This time around, I haven't done anything ... not sure I will. I've withheld sex, too, because we wanted to give it a chance to happen within my mom's schedule, and I didn't want to risk anything! Methinks we'll DTD tomorrow night, though.

MW appt on Monday - my mom will get a chance to meet the MW, which is really good.

I haven't had any exams at all, so i don't know if anything is soft or ripe or effaced. I tried to self-check this morning, but I'll be honest - I don't know what to feel for!

Oh - and how's this for an awkward conversation: My FIL asked me on C.eve if I was effaced. I'm sorry, but that is just the weirdest question possible! I felt like asking *him* - do you even know what effaced means???? I have to just assume that he asked because he thinks it's what he was "supposed" to ask. I realize that 99% of women know the answer to that because everyone has exams, but even so, I'm not comfortable discussing the condition of my vagina with my FIL! not even my father!

I lied and told him that "nothing has changed." Not completely a lie, because I haven't had an exam ... and nothing *has* changed in that regard. <sigh>

Well, I have a sewing project to work on, and I suppose i need to take a nap, too! A little crampy today, but I think it's ligament strain, not internal.

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wow this place is empty! am I the only one here? anybody out there? *crickets*

Today is my due date, no action yet. i think baby was wiggling down a bit last night, and DH and I DTD yesterday and today so hopefully that'll help get things moving along. I'm still not impatient but I'm definitely waiting...
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