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Christmas pox.

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Eek, I think it is the real thing (chicken pox, that is). DS has a slight fever, and several spots on his legs and bottom, each spot with a little dot in the middle. It's only been a few hours, so we'll be watching the progression.

If anyone is interested in a pox party in Knoxville, TN, let me know - it's Christmas, but we might be able to work something out for Boxing Day or the weekend. Also, I'm willing to send care packages!

However, one word of caution. With rather poor timing, I got DS a measles (monovalent, no mumps or rubella) shot 8 days ago. If he's shedding, there's the potential that a CP lollipop could turn into a measles lollipop. It doesn't seem very likely, but it isn't beyond the realm of possibility. So... proceed at your own risk, please, and only ask for a pop or party if you feel fully safe with the chance that someone will get measles.

And Merry Christmas, everyone!
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Very tempting ...I'm in Knoxville.

Hmmm ...if it was just my 2 year old, I'd do it in a heartbeat. I also have a 7 month old DD ...thoughts on that? I haven't looked as much into measles as I should, but I would be happy with chicken pox.

Are you in Holistic Moms, by chance?
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Well, I wouldn't personally want to expose a 7 month old, but some people feel differently. *shrug* It's really your choice.

The measles thing is iffy - there have been no confirmed cases of anybody catching measles from a shedding vaccinated child (but I'm not so sure you can really trust the doctors to diagnose it properly if it did happen, and not write it off as "he must have caught it from someone else.")

I'm not in Holistic Moms, I keep meaning to go to a meeting, and then I'm always busy that day.

If you do decide to expose, you're welcome to drop by. Just give me a call at six nine three three one six seven, or four oh five nine nine one six, for directions. This is day four, so I'm not sure how much longer he'll be contagious. His spots aren't scabbed over yet. mostly, but I don't think he has any new ones showing up so far today.
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Man, if DD was just a little older I'd do it. If she was over a year ...man! I better not expose DS though b/c I bet DD would get it. Of course, she is breastfed and I had CP as a child and am immune ....

I'll keep my eye out for cases next year, I think. Thanks for offering though!

Yes, you should totally check out holistic moms. It's fun.
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The measles shedding happened to us.
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