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I'm watching everyone's totals go up and I'm totally jealous (I'm at work and can't wait to get home and increase my total!). I'm hoping to hit 500 tonight, and then work at the rest coming up to my daughter's birthday party on Saturday.

Take care,
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Cleaned out the medicine cabinet - 3 out of date medicines bagged to go to the pharmacy for disposal and another 5 random boxes/washed out jars into recycling.

138+8=146/1000 getting there slowly but surely
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I have about 20 items. I am going for 100-150, not 1000 because we did a pretty large downsizing in Oct when we moved.
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9 today, 9 yesterday so 18 plus 25 is 43. Still a long way to go!
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I kept going as I wanted to pass the magic 150 mark this year

So... 1 more bag of shredded bills and 20 cards (old credit cards & random membership cards) cut up and binned


Happy New Year Declutterers::
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52 more items....




AND NO buying either....

Feeling good....

You are all doing so great!
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305/1000 and going strong!

(I finally did decide to up my goal to 1000)

Take care,
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another 38 so...

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Tackling the office/computer room/craft storage area today, and I have also done some tax stuff so...

+1 bag of rubbish
+3 gift bags to charity shop
+1 shoulder bag to charity shop
+10 papers filed away from tax stuff

= 15+167
= 182/1000
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I did another 59 last night before DH got home... and we've been working all day today, but I've just been going and not counting today. I'm going to just say 200 that we threw out/recycled, because I know that it's much more than that. I also have 10 items to be returned to others.

That brings my total to: 574

I'm on my way to get some more done before we go to my Aunt's for dinner.

Take care,
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I'm up to 57 now.
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Not counting over here - but the items are flying out of here. I've managed to stay on track. The kids are playing with the newly reorganized toys - dh is going through and setting up his office - agreeing to let go of a dresser and I think I'm going to go down from a 5 drawer to a 3 drawer for myself. I really don't have many clothes.

I really love how productive it feels and am reaping rewards of doing this same thing last year. I was able to look at many items and realize I held them last year for just in case and this year was so easy to pass through them.

I'm realizing that our home becomes the dying place for many things. Relatives and friends of dh buy new and we use the old one. All well and good but I'm ready to let it go.

It feels freeing to be creating this home without the just in case items. We are so busy using what we've got and do in a day that the just in case just became all the time clutter.

Off to do my closet...
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wow, 1000!? That's a lot! I've been busy decluttering all day today and my car is getting full and I've taken a bunch of stuff out to the trash as well. I have no idea how much I've gotten rid of but I know we have 3 large trash bags full of clothes plus 2 bags of old toys already in the car and I have more stuff to take out yet. I need to get rid of a ton of xmas bulbs my mom unloaded on me, think the thrift stores would even take them this time of year?

*taking a break to nurse a cranky toddler to sleep
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DH closed my calculator which was keeping my running total... but I know that I'm at least at 697 things now. When I first saw 1,000 I thought "No way am I ever going to be able to throw out 1,000 things in a week!" now I'm breezing through it. I can't wait to get trash/recycling totally out of here, though... then I can focus more on donating/repurposing items.

Take care,
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Well it appears I am done for the day, the car is packed and I'm out of bags and boxes
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No numbers, but...

...the car trunk is almost full of boxes to take to the thrift store, two items left today via Freecycle, and one more box will be gone via Freecycle tomorrow.
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37 more....

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I am up to 33/150.
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Not much numerically today but what a weight off my to-do list... all my backlogged shredding is done (3 years worth of old credit cards bills etc.), that feels good!

Numerically today we have:
2 bags of shredded paper into recycling
and 9 other bits and bobs from the kitchen into charity shop box
and 6 bottles into bottle bank bag

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