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How cold is too cold?

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Hey everyone,

I have a 5 week old and live in Brooklyn, NY. We don't have a car and mostly walk everywhere in our neighborhood - supermarket, coffeehouse, post office, etc.

My question is how cold is too cold to bring a baby out either in a sling/wrap or stroller? We have one of those sleeping bags for the carriage and a plastic weather shield.

Obviously I know that 10 degrees is probably too cold but what about 30?

Help! I'm going crazy in my tiny apartment!
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The Inuit have babies in the extreme cold without a problem. Just monitor how LO is doing & head inside if they are getting cold.
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Even 10 might be ok if all the body parts are covered up. If you use a Maya wrap or Baby Bundler you could probably get every piece of exposed skin inside, then zip a coat over the top and baby would probably be too warm!

A couple weeks ago we went to an evening parade. It was about 20 outside. Charlie was in a pram, then inside my Baby Bundler, then I had a coat zipped over the top of him. He was great, slept through the whole thing!
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Thanks ladies! I just wasn't sure.

We have a moby wrap which keeps her super warm but I can't quite get my coat to button over it. I suppose I could wrap a scarf around it to keep it shut.

Hooray! I get to go outside!!:::
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you could also use your dh's coat if it will fit. i wore my dh's coat when we walked over to a friend's house in sub-zero windchill. i put baby in a maya wrap and zipped dh's coat over that, leaving the top open for breathing, and held my hand over the opening a bit to shield the falling and blowing snow.

have great time out and about!!
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