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Anyone still need baby stuff? (babycenter.com 80% off sale)

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Free shipping on $25 (code SHOPPING)

$11 girl robeez store.babycenter.com/product/on+sale/breastfeeding+on+sale/nursing+cover-ups/daisy+brown+shoes+w-+free+socks.do?

$7 organic nursing cover (bebe au lait $10-14)

$7 baby frame w/footprint (we got one as a gift with Josh - really nice)

$4 inflatable brest friend pillow

$9 hotslings
store.babycenter.com/product/hotslings+-+black+bamboo.do?search=basic&keyword=bamboo+hotsl ings&sortby=shortdesc&asc=true&page=1
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Thanks for the info!

Although my DH would disagree--I just spent $140.

I had to have 2 pair of Robeez shoes (0-6, & 6-12) and 1 pair of boots(12-18.) My boys lived in them, so I know I'll use them. I've never tried the boots before but they were too cute to pass up!

I also bought a hotsling carrier. I hope I like it. I really love the Maya Wrap pouch that they don't make anymore, so I decided to give this one a try instead.

Add a couple other little odds and ends and it adds up quickly. Nothing too indulgent though. (Other than the Robeez.)
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There's another thread going on here about Bravado bras, and they had some of those half off. I bought a bra and a couple of zutano outfits for the baby (and one matching shirt for big sister.)

I had my cart up to $200 at one point, but I managed to get it back down to just enough for free shipping. :

I also updated my amazon wishlist for the baby (using the universal wish list feature) with their awesome prices on two of the things already on my list -- the Chocolat Hooter Hider (I NIP without but I think I'd use this in front of my dad and BIL just to make them more comfortable. They'll both be here the first week after baby is born) and the My Breast Friend for $16.
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If anyone still needs a carseat...

Albeebaby.com has Britax seats on sale. I'm buying a Regent Booster for my 3yr old and giving his marathon to the baby. I actually bought a used Companion (Britax baby bucket) to use for the first few weeks though since my last baby didn't come out tall enough for a Marathon but it was all we had for him.


I have bought car seats from them before and been very happy with the shipping speed and service.
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Grrrr, I just spent $80 on organic Growing Greens dipes BUT, I really can't wait to get fluff in the mail

Maybe I'll slurge and at least get DD a pair of Robeez.

We are holding out for a free car seat :
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Just ordered a bunch of cheap glass bottles and a diaper bag! thanks for code!
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Has anyone seen a good place to buy blanket sleepers? The ones that look like a zip-up fleece bag with long sleeves and fit from 0-9 months?

I think I usually get them at Carter's, but all they had there were some without sleeves. That defeats the purpose for me. I love warm and snugly pajamas with easy diaper changes at night. And its a bonus that it would last all winter.

Anyone seen any?

(I did see a few on this babycenter but they were sold out.)
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Thanks for the sale info - just got a footprint frame that matches DD's for really cheap, 0plus a bra and a nursing cami. Shipped free!
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OK! I totally caved and went to the site.....should have a new bra (Bravado), valance, hamper and pictures for baby's room, and a diaper bag, in a few days! Wasn't really planning on getting any of that stuff, but the price was right (except for the bra but I couldn't stand my uni-boob any longer!) Can't wait to see it all! Thanks for the info!

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